No Matter How Big The Witcher Universe Is, It Can Be Summed Up In A Minute

A giant cataclysm. Hordes of monsters roaming around. Mutated monster hunters addicted to potions and mushrooms. That's all you need to know to feel like home when playing The Witcher. You can forget the novels and all those journal entries.

It's always nice to see these animated quickies popping up on The Lore channel. Now can we have a one minute sum up of the story of the Metal Gear games so far, or maybe a quick summary of the Forgotten Realms setting?

LORE - The Witcher Lore in a Minute! [YouTube]


    That made more sense to me than the goddamn game. I now feel stupid and ashamed.

      don't, the game explained it pretty poorly.

        True, as a newcomer to the franchise, I was also overwhelmed by the setting, characters, political dynamics. But then again, Geralt probably was as well due amnesia.

        And when you do understand the political ties, character motivations, and events, they actually form a glorious web of storytelling. Witcher 2 had one of the best mature plots I have ever seen, but only if you can understand pretty much everything in the game.

    Unfortunately this video is like a lot of lore videos poorly researched, mostly wrong and painful for those who weren't too dense to follow the lore and story of the witcher.

    I felt the Witcher 2 game was explained very well if you took the time to understand it and read the lore presented in books and such.

    I haven't played the first but the video seems to make some incorrect points about Witchers. Odd.

    eg. Outcasts because of their albino skin? I never saw any other white witchers...

    In the stories, Geralt, the central character, is said to be one of the world's best witchers. He is said to have resisted the "changes" during his childhood better than most, which encouraged his makers to perform even more dangerous experimental procedures on him. Because of these additional procedures, Geralt lost all body pigmentation. Because of his pale skin and white hair, he is also known in Starsza Mowa (Older Speech) as "Gwynbleidd", the White Wolf.

      Don't the witcher brews that they all take cause all sorts of mutations? I never played witcher 2 but I read the english version books and played the first game.

        Although it wouldn't be suprising, they always get the details wrong with these lore in a minute clips

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