No Shame In Being Afraid Of A Gaming Room Full Of Space Guns And Swords

Props builder and Kotaku reader Andrew Cook just put the finishing touches on his new gaming room. Those touches were mostly "hanging up his terrific and enormous replica video game weapons on the wall".

Taken mostly from Halo and Mass Effect, they're certainly a cut above your standard "free posters from GameStop" style of room decoration, even if they do increase the chances of him being labelled a gun nut.

If you want to see how he actually made the weapons, Andrew's YouTube page has clips detailing their construction.


    no surrounds?

      First thing I noticed too.... No decent speakers :-\

        First thing I noticed is that it's meant to be a gaming room. There's only a 360 visible in there. Does this guy not like gaming or something?

      He spent all the cash on the replicas on the walls.

      He has the decor right but I think now he needs to save up to deck the room out with the equipment (Big TV, Surround etc) that will turn the room into a true gaming mecha.

        If you want to see how he actually made the weapons, Andrew’s YouTube page has clips detailing their construction.

        Yeah, Didn't buy any of them made them from scratch

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          Big Kudos to Andrew then - Makes the space even cooler - though he still needs some more hardware to make it a real fortress of solitude.

            Maybe a recliner?.....Throw in a surround sound and switch the xbox for pc and you've got it :P

              I'd be tempted to keep the XBox - and add a separate PC and maybe a few legacy consoles. I'd love to take my own N64, Megadrive, SNES etc out of storage and plug them in.

    I was thinking how awesome that setup would be if he had spent the money on a big f.o. tv and sound system. But hey, each to his own.

    "even if they do increase the chances of him being labelled a gun nut."

    However, unlike Stephen Totilo, it's unlikely that Andrew will write multiple articles whining about how mean people are.

    Most likely he uses quality headphones/headset so no need for surround.

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      Having all those guns hanging on walls I'd assume he'd want to show them off, also having a couch usually means so others can sit/play, headphones would not work for this. Just doesnt seem finished imo.

    He could do with a few more rugs.

    Too much 'window behind couch' for a gaming room.
    Hope he has great blinds/curtains.
    And the TV does looks massively undersized.

      Well. He NEEDED to by the Massive Sniper Rifle :P

    Quick! Throw me a spear! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah :P

    'Space guns and swords' is a pretty apt blanket description of gaming, THAT is shameful.

      well you could go to your own room and decorate it however the fuck you want to, with whatever the fuck you want to, pretty simple eh.

    wow nice virginity...i mean, games room

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