Our New Games Industry Minister Gets Geeky

Last week, Kotaku was lamenting the loss of Simon Crean, whose tenure as arts minister saw $20 million in funding for the Australian games industry. His freshly-announced replacement at least has some vaguely decent geek credentials: Tony Burke was the first man to officially use an iPad for his speech notes during Question Time.

Sure, it would be more impressive if he'd done that wearing a Super Mario T-shirt. But it's worth remembering that Parliament still has plenty of members whose willingness to embrace technology is, shall we say, limited, and not all of them are from Queensland. In that context, using an iPad — and in an official context, not just to dodge the boring bits — is a moment to be cherished.

Picture: Stefan Postles/Getty


    Wow. So very geeky using a device half the western world uses. my 85 year old grandmother uses one, shes so l337

      Indeed, my old workplace, all the team leaders are encouraged to use one now so they can move to a paperless office. What a bunch of geeks eh.

      Yes but this is Australian politics. It wouldn't be surprising if most of those people still had rotary dial telephones in their houses.

        You got something against rotary dial telephones, huh?!

        Those things make an awesome noise.

        That would be kind of awesomely geeky in itself. Especially if they also connected to the internet via acoustically coupled modems.

        You'd be surprised how much money is wasted on new shiny toys for high ranking government officials ;)

        This is a literal non-story. Politicians use iPads and other tablets all the damned time. Hell, C-SPAN only discovered a planned Republican mutiny against Jon Boehner because their camera happened to oversee one MP's iPad with a list of names. Dude uses an iPad doesn't give him one iota of geek cred.

    I opened up this article because I thought he may have been a Pac Man or Space Invaders world champion from back in the day or something cool like that. I am disappoint.

      I was expecting him to be dropping video game references ("Mr. Speaker, my opponent makes as much noise as Navi and is half as useful!")

      I was disappoint too.

    What's next? He's seen using an iPhone making him pretty hip and techy?

    I've never even used an iPad. I've been out-geeked by a politician!

    My two year old uses an iPad proficiently, and yet it surprises me that a politician can!

    On a side note, Tony Burke kinda looks like the Blue Wiggle

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