Star Trek Online’s Largest Expansion Yet Unleashes Playable Romulans

Star Trek Online’s Largest Expansion Yet Unleashes Playable Romulans

Star Trek OnlineLegacy of Romulus

Or at least Denise Crosby has signed on, reprising her role as Empress Sela, created after her more Federation-minded character was killed off, making Mr Roboto sad. Crosby will voice Yar’s half-Romulan daughter in the expansion, which will see players involved in an uprising against the Tal Shiar regime.

Me? I’m just keen to pilot a Warbird. Never was much of a Romulan fan, but I really dig their rides.

Star Trek Online‘s Legacy of Romulus expansion hits the free-to-play MMO on May 21.


  • Cool. They’ve been talking about this as a future hope/plan since late in the beta-early launch IIRC. Really nice to finally see it happen =D

  • ABOUT FUCKING TIME!!! I completely lost interest in this game and the shitty changes and constant “Romulans will be introduced soon” BS. Now they bring them in…

    …might give it a look in, before I lose interest in it again. Hope they don’t spoil it by integrating the Hirogen or Space Vampires (Remans) with them or make the Warbirds paid dlc…

  • Alright another race to be under developed like the Klingons, Federation gets missions and ships all the time and the Klingons get nothing. Do we really expect them to make a Romulan faction any better.

    • Yeah, they will be. To be fair though, the Feds have always been the most popular of the races in Trek (though I’m sure the Klingon fans will disagree), but the Klingons have been done. If there’s a Star Trek release, there’s generally a large Klingon element to it. For me, the Romulans always held my interest, but they won’t get anywhere near the attention the Feds to with their dlc and their newer, crappy ships. I’ll be pissed if the Warbird has to be bought though!

      • My issue is look at say WoW or SW:KotoR they are balanced factions.

        From Day 1 STO has been stingy with Klingon Content. Is it asking too much for a faction based MMO to be fair to both sides?

        • While i agree that there was definitely less klingon content, i always liked the fact that the klingon theory behind leveling from beta and launch was always PVP focused

          • got to agree with you there, DNR. just a shame they made such a hash of the PVP (not that I’m a PVPer, but I understood the hatred levelled at Cryptic over that side of things).

  • being fleetless I grew tired of pubbing my Borg raids. even after this long pubbies still dont know how to jump. this might make me play again since I lost interest in both the fed and Klink campaigns

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