The Most Hilarious ArmA III Alpha Glitches Now In Motion

ArmA III, the next entry in the sandbox tactical shooter series, is expected to be released later this year. But the alpha is already up and running, waiting for people to join. And when something is still in development, you can expect a great deal of glitches and bugs, which fortunately won't do much harm. They will, however, create funny moments that those who are in the alpha get to experience.

If you follow the instructions on the official site, you can also try out the game, contribute to the developement and maybe be part of similar hilarity.

But until then, let's experience some of the better moments alpha players have captured for us.

Sources: Arma 3: Driving the USS Khe Sanh, Arma 3 mortars: BIS, please never fix this, Arma 3 - Shake it!, CrReam Twitch Highlights- Arma 3 Alpha A Whole New ARMA!, Arma 3 - Secret Weapon, Arma 3 Alpha: Fishman Glitch, Funny Arma 3 Moments


    Its a BIS game, I'd lay odds that several of these will make it into the final product

      Unfortunately this is likely truth.

    Aside from the glitches, definitely shaping up well. Alpha is Alpha, and as someone who has been playing a little bit, I can say that some of those "bugs" do have to be forced. Makes you stop and ask wtf when they happen though.

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