I Thought This Game Was Supposed To Be Realistic. Oh Well!

One of ArmA III's biggest selling points is its realism — it's a modern combat simulation that gives players a sandbox to play out scenarios not possible in most other games. So I was certainly surprised to see this footage by Moerderhoschi785, where a player rides a drone like he was the Green Goblin or something.

Mind, I think it's kind of hilarious — just not something I'd expect to see here, of all places! Though, yes, likely some settings were messed with or something — it's still funny.

ArmA III - Fun with Drones - The Goblin [Moerderhoschi785]


    He's manually attaching the player to the drone through the engine, you can see he's modifying the attachment offset in the settings via the dialog. It's not like players will be able to just jump on it and fly away, although that would be quite funny :)

    "likely some settings were messed with or something" .....it's pretty damn obvious they were. They're doing it right there in front of us in the video. Still awesome though.

    Well its just went out of beta with a massive update so whtaya expect?

    damn the models look great in that game, pity its not very user friendly for new comers

    Looks like someone's taking inspiration from BF3 (http://www.kotaku.com.au/2011/11/battlefield-3s-fabulous-flying-snipers/)

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