The Next Penny Arcade RPG Has A Killer World Map

Gotta love the world map, that humble little collection of icons that offers up a treasure trove of discoveries and possibilities. Penny Arcade's On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 4, coming soon, has a killer, old-school-styled world map that I really want to dig into.

I saw the upcoming RPG at PAX East this weekend and shot some video that you can see up top.


    Still looking a lot more like ep 3 than like 1 & 2
    I really wish they would bring back the style of the first two games

      Wasn't that a given? There's different people developing, not to mention 3 was a lot more well recieved than 1 & 2 in general.

        Was 3 better received? Wow, what is wrong with people :)

        I guess I'm in the minority who greatly preferred the first two and found 3 to be a huge let down. I guess there goes the last of the hope I had for a similar style to that

          I'm with you. First two were great games but the third one while ok, got a bit boring and repetitive.

    The fuck, he can't say Leviathan?

    Have people already forgotten that Gabe and Tycho are cowardly rape apologists?

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