This Awesome Fight Scene Reminds Me Of Every Side-Scrolling Fighter Ever Made

One of my favourite movie scenes of all time is in Old Boy, you know the one — the fantastically choreographed, one shot sequence where Oh Dae-su obliterates dozens of goons in some fairly visceral hand-to-hand combat. Australian James McFay's short film, made in Japan, has a sequence that reminds me of that. It also reminds me of every 2D scrolling beat em up ever made. It even has a boss fight at the end!

The short film itself last roughly 13 minutes, and is well worth watching in its entirety, but if you feel like skipping straight to the fight scene, click on to seven minutes 30.

It's called Burning Hearts and it's a linked story in a sense — the story of one woman struggling with relationship difficulties, and the story of one taxi driver beating the crap out of a multitude of Yakuza goons.

It's really good.

Thanks James!


    Good post! Really nice short film here.

    fight scene from 7:00 min

      Fight scene from 7:45 - 12:00
      Fixed that for you

        here let me give u a cookie for that correction

    You need to watch the latest Universal Soldier for video game inspired fight scenes.


      How are they video game inspired?

      You're going to be sorely disappointed if you just watch it for fights, though. There's only about 3, and only 1 of them is good.

        The latest one?
        Apart from the opening in first person view.
        There's a really long extended scene of the hero at the end just fighting army man after army man in a hidden underground base
        then after he murders everyone he fights Dolph (sub-boss) then Jean-Claude (Final boss).
        How in the world is that NOT VG inspired?

          I actually forgot the first person bit. Good call. And the rampage at the end had some cool moments.

          The sport store was by far the best bit, though :-)

    As soon as I saw the title I thought of Old Boy. That movie is amazing.

      That movie is amazing, and perfectly put together, and I hope I never watch it again 'cause it makes me feel all icky :-)

        I know. I've only ever watched it once and I don't think i be able to return.

      That was very good indeed for an indie outing.

      Those who love Old Boy make sure you don't stop there - do both Sympathy for Lady Vengeance and Sympathy for Mr Vengeance, plus Mother (seriously good!), Memories of a Murder (very good) and of course I Saw the Devil (be warned - it's by far the most brutal of them all. Watch it for many reasons but particularly that fight scene in the car!)

      In my opinion South Korea has outshone Hollywood for a while.

        Thank you for the reminder of all the movies I still need to watch.

    Best thing about this film is the title card. Not saying the film is bad, it's pretty good. That title logo is brilliant though. Reminds me of Enter The Void.

    Unquestionably a valiant effort, but the end result is somewhat lacking. Massive props for the one take fight, but there's way too much hanging around by the opponents. There are also quite a few times that they run in with a weapon then stop and wait for him to be ready before attacking and being promptly disarmed.

    Not bad, but could be better. I also kind of wish the boyfriend had been punched a few times too, but that's just me.

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