This Keeps Getting Better: DuckTales Remastered Has All The Voice Actors From The Show

As if the news that Capcom is bringing DuckTales back in remastered form wasn't enough by itself, the publisher revealed on Friday that the entire cast of voice actors from the original show will lend their talent to the new version of the classic platformer.

Reads a post by Christian Svensson, Capcom corporate officer and senior VP, on the Capcom-Unity forums:

"We have ALL the original voice actors from the show. Scrooge's voice actor is now 94 years old but he still came into the studio and did his thing like a pro. The voice work really adds a lot to the package."

The actor he's referring to is Alan Young, for your information. I'm just hoping to still be breathing when I'm 94, much less working. Also, confession time: I never played DuckTales and I have no clue what all this fuss is about. Anyone care to fill me in?

DuckTales Remastered Will Feature All The Original Voice Actors From The Show [Game Informer]


    I am so excited. I just downloaded the entire series, they just do not make cartoons that good anymore. the late 80's early 90's was a golden era for "children's" cartoons and this was one of the best.

      Disney Channel currently has a show on called Gravity Falls, to me it's every bit as good as the old cartoons like Ducktales from when I was a kid!

      Last edited 24/03/13 11:08 am

        Gravity Falls is good. I also like Phineas and Ferb (currently up to season 4).

      i did the same but unfortunately because they were made in the 80s and havent been remastered they are pixelated as anything :(

    That's totally awesome, I still smile when I think about Scrooge's haggling style, and his voice was perfect.

      It sure was :D everything about that series of cartoons was (ducktales, talespin, darkwing duck)!!!

      Plus Launchpad McQuack linked all 3 cartoons!!!

        Wait, Launchpad was in Talespin? I don't remember seeing any with him in it.

          Yup he was! But not as a main. He was in there one time in the background when Baloo went to the city. Probably just fanservice but still kinda cool.

    Alan Young, Stan Lee... great to see the old heroes from my past are still showing us how to be old- by being kick ass

      Too bad Lorenzo Music isnt alive anymore - he would have joined that club

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