Watch Nearly Seven Minutes Of DuckTales: Remastered

Captured live on Capcom's stream earlier this afternoon at PAX East, seven minutes of gorgeous HD DuckTales remake footage is about all the average human can withstand without exploding. Capcom has therefore trimmed it down to 6.75 minutes.

My favourite NES game of all time in the hands of WayForward, the 2D sprite artists in the industry? It's a dream come true, that's what this is. So many hours I spent cursing at my tiny tube television in the basement of my high school sweetheart's parent's house, making up my own demented lyrics to the endlessly looping music for each level. It was a big DuckTales family — we called the cartoon and game by their proper name — DuckTales Woo-oo.

It was an entire summer of this game and Tiny Toon Adventures; blowing on the bottom of cartridges even though they worked fine, simply out of habit.

Maybe I'll be able to share this with my kids this time around. Maybe they'll just eat the controller. As long as they can say "Woo-oo", we'll be good.


    Oh boy - I loved Duck Tales too. Don't care about HD - I'd just love to play it again.

    lol that guy is terrible :P

    I can't put into words properly how overjoyed I am this is coming out... and that my son will be able to enjoy this at around the same age I was when I first did (well, he's actually 4 years younger, but whatever...), this is just amazing!!!! Can they PLEASE do this sort of upgrade to the Megaman games as well? That would be amazing... we bought the 'sequels' they did a few years back and they were great, remasters like this, I'm all for :)

      I dunno.. the remasters for Megaman would have to be pretty special imo to make them better than the original. They tried it once on the Megadrive, it was nice but not perfect. And the Snes Megaman 7 looks good but didn't have the gameplay or heart of the originals.

      That's being said I freaking love Megaman and id probably buy it anyways! Glad I got the Cu'be's Megaman Collection.

      PS: Ducktales remastered looks great :)

        Doesn't have to be better. I'd settle for HD graphics and old gameplay myself :) The megaman gameplay was pixel perfect jumps and timing. It was fantastic. Level designs were great. I play them on emulators from time to time. 1 2 and 3 remastered would be fantastic...

    They better not change the soundtrack to the Moon level.

    "I did this flawlessly before."
    - Said every shit journo, ever.

    Holy crap, I remember this game. I had it on the GameBoy. I remember it being insanely hard, but I also remember being like 5 so maybe it wasn't that bad.

    That's definatly Jake Kaufmann music in the BG

    AND it's remixing the classic tunes too
    Very happy

    I will pay any amount for this. It was one of my first gameboy games, and and actually one of the first video games I ever played.

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