This Was In Lord British’s Backpack

This Was In Lord British’s Backpack

Richard Garriott, aka Lord British, was carrying a backpack full of fascinating things, when he stopped by Kotaku‘s offices last week to talk about his next game, Shroud of the Avatar.

What was in the backpack? His very first computer role-playing game — he’s holding it in his hand right here; it’s all in ASCII code on a spool of paper made for a Teletype machine. Circa 1975.

Find out what other treasures he brought in our video interview with him (posted below).

Learn about his Garriott’s next game here.


  • Oh my god wow… that mans got the most awesome stuff ever 😀 All bow to Lord British!!!!
    Lord British has been a videogame icon for me for two plus decades now, I dug every second of that interview! That was a seriously brilliant interview, I enjoyed it thoroughly, especially the revelation about space entry/re-entry at the end. Thanks so much Evan!!!!!

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