11 Minutes Of Lord British’s New RPG, Narrated By The Man Himself

Shroud of the Avatar, Richard Garriott’s recently Kickstarted spiritual sequel to his Ultima RPG series, looks pretty damn good considering it’s currently just an early prototype. Here, Garriott narrates a short 11-minute walkthrough of some of the game’s features that they’ve been working on in the past few months.


  • Looks a little clunky but Im still very impressed. Lord British’s games have never had the *best* interfaces but have always excelled at story, immersion and the sheer depth of their worlds. Really looking forward to this 😀

  • I’m curious as to whether this will be able to capture the interests of those whom have never played Ultima like myself, or be confined to a distinct generation of gamers. I speak namely of mechanics such as the dialogue system and whether the novelty will will wear off after the first couple of proper conversations. I mean, I just can’t shake the feeling that if I wanted to dictate every word to an NPC, I’d rather just try my hand at my first ever pen and paper game with a group of friends and such games aren’t even really a thing in Australia as far as I know. That or go join some forum RP board.

  • Kind of weird that getting the tree chopped down ends the resource gathering. I guess he’s too good for wood that’s fallen on the ground.

  • “You can sit and take over his domain” – Does this mean that because you have taken the throne the creatures of the dungeon will now be under your control? That would be awesome – then you could decide to entrap other adventurers in the dungeon and use it as a source of income (if you were that way inclined) or to banish the evil and turn it into a mine or something. Would like to see emergent gameplay like that!

  • Man takes his chairs very seriously. This game looks like it has the potential to be incredibly immersive (read: boring).

  • I really love developer blogs. It’s so interesting to see a game take shape and take a peek into the development process. It will be great to watch this after the final product comes out and compare what’s new and what they decided to remove.

  • So wait? If i’m not mistaken, this games let’s gamers write (in part) their STORY? The same ones that claim Mass Effect 3 and The Walking Dead are rubbish because they thought they’d have more arbitrary choice?

    I think i’ll watch more livestreams than anything else, it’ll be hilarious.

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