This Week In BioShock Infinite (And Luigi's Mansion... And Other Games)

How did this happen? How did a random week towards the end of March become so stacked with incredible releases? Seriously.

BioShock Infinite is the obvious big 'un here (notice how I didn't swoop in on the obvious 'Big Daddy' pun there?) but there are other humdingers. I'm excited for Luigi's Mansion and LEGO City Undercover is as close to a top quality exclusive as the Wii's had since launch. Good times.

Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel (360/PS3)

What is it? The latest in that third-person shooter series that's about the most brotacular in history. Should you care? My instincts say no, but I've had friends play the demo and come away seriously impressed with this. Still, there's too much quality out there this week to sink dollars into this one I think.

BioShock Infinite (360/PS3/PC)

What is it? YES. YES. YES. [Restrains self] Yeah, it's that game about going into the sky and shooting things. It's here! Should you care? You should definitely care. Potential game of the year.

Dead or Alive 5 Plus (PS Vita)

What is it? Dead or Alive? They still make this? Alrighty. Should you care? Whatever floats your boat I guess.

LEGO City Undercover (Wii U)

What is it? It's basically a well-made LEGO version of GTA with added humour and quirks. Should you care? I'm going to say absolutely — this is a great release for the Wii U. I genuinely hope it does well, because it deserves to I think.

Luigi's Mansion 2 (3DS)

What is it? A long awaited sequel to a cult classic. Should you care? I absolutely loved what I played of this when Nintendo showed it to me a couple of weeks back. It has also reviewed incredibly well. Very excited about this game.

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time (PS3/PS Vita)

What is it? A brand new Sly game. About time! Should you care? I'm a fan of Sly, I like the fact that it plays and feels a little different. So yes, you should care. Get it on the Vita!

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 (360/PS3

What is it? It's that golf game you all know and possibly love. Should you care? Tiger Woods PGA Tour has always been decent, no reason for that to change here I suppose.


    Serrels, why recommend Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time for Vita when the PS3 version comes with a Vita cross buy for free and is the same price?

      exactly my thoughts... perhaps Mark should update with this info...

      don't buy the vita version if you have a ps3... buy on PS3 and get BOTH :D win win

      Last edited 25/03/13 10:29 am

    I'm getting a vita relatively soon! Pretty hyped to see more games coming :)

    Bioshock & Sly are must buys this week. Likely to get Tiger also depending on funds.

    Amry Of Two is a guilty pleasure, but I will be waiting for this to drop in price this time.

    DOA 5+ came out last Thursday btw, well that's when EB Games called me to get mine.

    Last edited 25/03/13 10:16 am

      Mark might have missed that since he was leaving for PAX East.

    How do I choose what to play first? ;_;


      I got my Bioshock Inf key, I dunno if the game's unlocked yet but if it is I'm going to be downloading it tonight.

        Definitely wont be unlocked but you can probably preload it in anticipation!

          Oh, brillo.

          I'll start it when I get home then.

      Well, if you're anything like me, you have a large back catalogue of games to play and you will choose nothing from this list! :p

        I still haven't finished Ice Climbers! How do you expect me to play Tomb Raider!

          Wait! Do I have to go back? I never finished all those Tomb Raiders on PSone!!! :p

        lol... why let that stop you?

        i've got a stupid and i do mean stupid amount of games in my back catalogue/collection that i want to play... but when good stuff comes out that is being hyped i have to get it... lol

        looking for best bioshock deal right now, GMG's isn't suitable as i have all the bonus games so i'll prob get it from a key site

        ordered luigi's mansion last night from video ezy before the sale ended, got sly cooper pre-ordered at harvey norman that i scored a $5 off code for lol and yeah... bioshock! still playing new gears of war... haven't started new god of war... its never ending...

          Nah, I'd rather wait, I only grab the games that come with something of value with the pre-order straight away, or games I know will override the others (like Pokemon, can't get enough of that sweet, sweet Pokemon)

    When he says boat, he means penis :p

    I am yet to buy a new game this year. I think my purchases so far since January 1st are two heavily discounted games off the XBL Marketplace.

    So I've already missed Tomb Raider, Dead Space 3, and probably some other things. I know my wife wants Bioshock Infinite but I think we're probably just going to wait a couple of months then order everything cheap off of Ozgameshop.

    It's weird to not be HYPE for new stuff. I don't know if it's me or the games. Maybe I need the new console generation to kickstart my enthusiasm.

      I'm playing catch-up. The only thing I pre-ordered this year was Ni No Kuni, everthing else can wait (because they didn't come with hardcover books).

        I honestly think everything I'm currently hyped for isn't coming out until after we'll have new consoles. It seems that I WANT something right before the release date then once it's come and gone, I'm like "meh, it can wait". Hopefully I do still go and buy/play them. I'd hate to think I just don't like games anymore.

          I'm really dependant on mood.

          When I got Ni No Kuni I couldn't put it down, it was sending me nuts trying to fit it into my day.
          Tried on the weekend and I Meh'd.

          Played some Dead Space 2 instead and all the blood&guts was the answer apparently.
          (man, I love it for the sci-fi more than the horror. Doing it wrong? NO!)

            Yeah, my wife had a go at me for wasting what little gaming time I had on something I'd already played (XCOM) when I could have used that time to make a proper start on something I haven't played, like Dishonored.

            That's just what I was in the mood for.

      One of the real advantages of PC gaming is being able to buy keys from places like ozgameshop, Bioshock Infinite set me back around $35. Muuuch nicer than paying $60 for a bargain price on the console version

        The problem with PC gaming is that there's no distinct user profiles so my wife and I tend to wind up sharing save files. Even if we can save manually, there's still some risk of crossover. She basically can't play Binding of Isacc, for instance, because she has to use my save where I've unlocked stuff she isn't really ready for.

        The alternative to putting up with this frustrating arrangement is for her to get her own steam profile and pay for the game a second time. So for now, we'll stick with playing the majority of our games on consoles.

          Yeah the consistent application of switchable profiles would be a nice addition to pc gaming, i agree. Shame steam can't/won't use the style of authentication the xbox arcade does where any account can use a game as long as it's on the machine it was bought on

    Seriously cannot wait for Luigi's Mansion 2

    Played the DoA demo on my Vita, looks awesome, but all it really does is get me hungry for some Tekken Tag Tournament 2 on Vita. That would be super-duper awesome!! :D

    What a bizarrely awesome week. Luigi and Bioshock for me methinks. :) (though I would really like to try the Lego game on WiiU)

    Last edited 25/03/13 10:55 am

    Awesome, bought Bioshock Infinite on the weekend from Green Man Gaming and is pre loaded and ready to go when ever they decide to unlock it.

    Bioshock tomorrow! \o/

    Might also try out Sly - got into Playstation games too late to really try one, so might give this one a go, especially if it's cross-buy...

    I have been looking forward to getting Sly Cooper: Unfortunate Subtitle Acronym for quite a while now. I wonder what I'll be playing this long weekend?

    I have this horrible feeling that I'm going to spend all day on the internet waiting for news of a street date break on bioshock.

    How did it happen.

    Well most publishers are European based and the end of the financial year for Europe is March 31st , so they are releasing these games to get some final revenue on their books for 2012.

    Oh I hope ozgameshop send out my bioshock key quickly, I want to be able to play it as soon as its released...

    Will grab Army of Two. Don't care what anybody says, they's decent shooters.
    Ignoring Bioshock until it's cheaper. I like everything about those games except for the part where you play them, so it can wait.
    Dunno if I'll get it right away but I'm somewhat interested in Lego City. Wii U is in desperate need of new games, so will take what I can get.

      But you could get Bioshock, Skyoshock, XCOM and one other game for $52 at GMG.

      Technically that reduces its cost to like, $13.

        I'd definitely get in on that deal if I didn't already own Bioshock and XCOM.

    What ever happened to what's in store? I figured this week in games and what's in store always complemented each other..

    Luigi's Mansion 2 is a definite for me this week. The first was brilliant, and this sequel should be nothing short of amazing!

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