What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Super Metroid. This weekend I am going to be playing Super Metroid. Why? Because why the hell not. Also because I expect my house to be completely swamped with friends and family this weekend and in the chaos I will most likely have to surrender my television.

So for the first time since I bought it, I think I will be using my Wii U in one of the ways it was intended to be used: everyone else will be watching TV and I’ll be huddled in the corner, all anti-social, mad at the world and playing Super Metroid on the Wii U controller.

In a way I’m quite excited. These days I’ve found myself playing a lot of games I haven’t enjoyed — BioShock Infinite, Tomb Raider. Well Tomb Raider was alright in parts, but I really didn’t enjoy BioShock Infinite. After really loving Luigi’s Mansion 2 I’m keen to stay on a roll and play games that actually remind me of the reasons why I actually love games. Super Metroid falls into this category.

What are you all planning to play this weekend?


  • Same as last weekend – Assassin’s Creed III and Luigi’s Mansion 2. Amazingly, I have actually made progress in both over the course of the week! Still not loving ACIII, though, which I seem to recall was a fairly common complaint back when it released…

  • I haven’s played Super Metroid in ages.

    Thanks Serrels, now I have something to do 😀

    • Hey, be aware… there’s apparently a bug that prevents crouching.

      see if you can’t find a patched version first.

      • Thanks man! I’m pretty sure it’s solid, I’m playing it through the original Wii and haven’t come across anything yet, so I should be sweet!

  • I just got a new videocard so I’ll be playing PC games with the graphics set to Ultra

    Bioshock Infinite looks so shiny and pretty

    • Cool, what card did you get?!?! I love getting new video cards! Can’t really justify one at present though. I did however, install a new 2TB hdd last night…wooo excitement plus!

      On topic, I just took the plunge and installed Arma2/DayZ last night. I’ll be looking to figure out how to play that this weekend. I too will be playing some Super Metroid. Was up the other night to all hours playing in bed on the Wii U gamepad. After all these years it’s still such a great game!

  • Might try out some more Hawken. Though I should probably attempt to clean up my room and/or start reading up on the Oculus dev kit documentation.

  • But, Super Metroid is too hard! There’s no tutorial telling you how to make Metroid crawl!

    I just finished up Sleeping Dogs and the first DLC. Not sure if I’ll bother with the second DLC.
    I’m gonna be spending most of my time painting and playing Warmachine as the League is almost over.

    Not sure what game I’m going to go into next. Maybe get into Dark Souls as I got that for Christmas, 2011s Christmas, and I only have about 10 hours of gametime in that.

  • Don’t Starve. Every playthrough, I manage to survive just that one day more. The game is unforgiviing and addictive, it’s like playing stuff back in the 90s

  • Forget Pile of Shame month, I’m well into my Pile of Shame year! Really want to finish of Aquaria.

    Then it’s a toss up between Crysis or Alan Wake (thanks Humble Bundle!)

    PS @markserrels – don’t you dare put up a screenshot saying you’re stuck and asking for help!

  • BL2 with friends, Krieging it up and setting things on fire then making them explode. Outside of that will be Persona 4 Arena, Fire Emblem: Awakening, and maybe some Ragnarok Odyssey.

  • Birthday today – so i’m thinking Bee may have picked up my hints for Farcry Blood Dragon and/or Mortal Kombat Komplete.

        • Wouldn’t expect so, Bee is a classy lady (It is really hard to use the phrases seriously these days)
          I expect a movie or similar, something nice that you can enjoy together. Like The Piano

          • If it’s a movie picked by bee you can bett it probably has Jenifer Lopez in it.
            God bless her cotton socks.

  • BF3 double XP weekend, so I’ll put some hours in there with a couple of friends and crunch some levels, hopefully. Otherwise, it’ll be P4G on Vita, or trying to get back into FFXI on PC if I can.

  • Bikini Samus with 75%+ item find rate Mark, or we shall be very disappointed.

    I have no idea what to play this weekend. I think i’ll wing it.

  • Hoping for some Portal 2 Co-op with the missus. I’ll have to give her a go of single player first and see how she goes.

  • ‘Last week to get this post grad unit done’

    Hoping to finish it off by Sunday 11 pm so I can move onto… you know… actual video games again.

  • Tekkit, lot’s and lot’s of Tekkit…. Oh and some Fire Emblem on the 3DS most likely too!

    Up to chapter 11 on Fire Emblem, enjoying it enormously!

  • Neverwinter Nights..

    .. not the Neverwinter MMO, the original 2002 Neverwinter nights. Not finishing the main campaign is the biggest beast in my pile of shame. It must be slain! [current save-game I’m playing was started in 2005 :p ]

  • Age of Mythology, taking a leaf out of the ‘only game for enjoyment’ book

  • Dead Space 3 arrived from ozgameshop today so probably that, if anything. Kinda busy this weekend.

  • I got Dark Souls in the mail the other day, but I know it’s a huge game so I really need to complete a few of my unfinished games before I get into that.

    So it’ll probably be Darksiders II, Far Cry 3 Hitman: Absolution, Medal Of Honor: Warfighter, Crackdown 2 and Just Cause (I’m right near the end and the difficulty went from, yeah this isn’t too hard to WTF! this is impossible) for me. I’ll try and squeeze in some WRC 3 and Injustice too.

  • I decided to reinstall Wargame:European Escalation even though I have no clue how to play it, so theirs gonna be alot of learning the hard way over the weekend.

  • gonna finish my hard playthrough of infamous 2 for the plat and some personal 3 portable on vita and maybe start okami hd

  • Luigi’s Mansion 2, Super Metroid, Metroid Prime 1 and Resident Evil Revelations… Poor xbox isn’t getting much love lately…

  • I’d say Fez, but I’m at the point where I’m really far into it and I’m lost and scared and don’t know where to go next. So I’ll probably just end up playing some more Hotline Miami. I’m supposed to be going to a LAN on Saturday with my Girlfriend at her friends house. But none of us have really decided on what games to play. Anyone got any suggestions? Preferably free or cheap. None of us are really massive fans of the FPS genre (although I would probably choose Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory if I was picking an FPS)

    • Planetside 2 is a fun FPS MMO which would be my FPS recommendation
      Depends on what you enjoy, something like burnout series is great fun lan wise.
      If you preload Chivalry is free this weekend on steam so you could try that out. Lots of fun
      Otherwise RTS genre can be fun and if you aren’t too series about it older ones are just as much fun as the latest release

      For me:
      Highly likely more borderlands 2
      Continue with Sherlock Holmes vs Jack the Ripper
      Maybe a little planet side 2
      Maybe some more bioshock

      • Just had a look at Burnout Paradise on YouTube and the multiplayer looks pretty fun. And old RTS sounds good, maybe bust out some old warcraft/starcraft or age of empires. Thanks for the suggestions!

        • Another option along those lines could be track mania. More a pure racer but they do have free versions.
          Similar in style to burnout is the flatout series. I would recommend flatout ultimate carnage but flatout 2 is quite good as well. Stay away from flatout 3

    • This comment freaked me out until I saw your name, thought I’d found your soulmate 😛

  • Seeing this talk about metroid makes me want to play it again. Probably just about due for my annual plow through of LttP too!

  • Well my copies of Sniper Elite goty edition and Spec Ops: The line just showed up from OZG, so that.

  • Just got around to starting Bioshock Infinite this week, so that, and side stuff in KH BBS Final mix version.

  • Bioshock 2 and maybe a little Monaco on the side. Sloooowly working my way through my ridiculous list on Steam. Really should get back on to Ni No Kuni too.

  • Trials….. because all I seem to play now is trials…. Fat Shady’s world is destroying me…. 4 more golds….. just..4… more… (then DLC…. then platinums…. AAAAAAAAARRRGGGGHHH)

  • Catherine.

    In day 4 and enjoying it so far. Vincent is a frustrating character, he could avoid so much chaos by a couple smart decisions… but I guess the game’s story wouldn’t be as horrific if he did. PS+ has been good value thus far I have to say.

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