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This week continues the drip feed of big AAA titles. It's almost as if the video gaming gods had an emergency meeting to drain of us all our disposable income really slowly . Gears of War: Judgement is the big one, but I could also hear a counter argument that Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate is more important, particularly for game starved Wii U owners.

AMC's The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct (360/PS3)

What is it? A first person shooter based on The Walking Dead universe. Should you care? A bit generic, but fans of the series might be interested.

Gears of War: Judgment (360)

What is it? Gears of War prequel/sequel that focuses on the b-team of Baird and Cole. Should you care? I like Gears of War, but I don't know if I need to play another game in this series for a while. It's good though — features some really interesting ideas about storytelling and unreliable narration. I liked that a lot.

Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory (PS3)

What is it? A PS3 exclusive JRPG from the Neptunia series. Should you care? You know, if you like this series you don't tell me whether you should care or not. But it's probably not the best entry to the series...

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (3DS/Wii U)

What is it? A game for the Wi U! And it's a big one! Yessssss... Should you care? Monster Hunter is a great series. I think if you have a Wii U you should get this game, even if you haven't played the series before.

Need for Speed Most Wanted (Wii U)

What is it? It took a while, but it's here I suppose! Should you care? It's a good game and all but... it's March! Jaysus!

Resident Evil 6 (PC)

What is it? It's Resident Evil 6! Should you care? Probably the weakest entry into the series in a while. I'm saying no.


    Hmmm, nothing for me this week.

      Same, which is good cos the next 2 weeks will be painful on my wallet.

    Sucks that DOA5+ was prolonged to next week, I was looking forward to that, GOW seems to be the only game on my radar this week, I might get Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate later on down the track.

    Am I the only massive Gears fan who's got practically zero interest in Judgement?

    Part of the me is just still reeling from Halo 4, yeah it was an OK game, but it didn't live up to the previous installments by the previous Devs... Judgement runs the risk of the exact same problem, it's not developed by Epic and the lead designer for the first three (Cliffy B) is not overseeing development... Those things alone, plus the lack of advertisement and details has just left me cautious.

    I'm sure it will be highly praised by critics, but I personally don't really want it until I've heard from some people playing it.

      Yeah - I don't know what it is. The game looks great, I'm a big fan of the series and the 'B' team was always more interesting than the 'A'. There has been a notable lack of hype building, or it could be I'm just a bit fatigued with the series at the moment.

        I definitely think it's fatigue. When they announced Judgement my first reaction was "ehh... I don't really need more Gears". Plus I don't fund Baird that interesting.

        I'm happy to let this one float on by.

      On your Halo 4 point, I actually felt it was the strongest game in the series, except perhaps for the original.

      I haven't really got any interest in Judgement either, at least at this point. I'm sure I'll play it eventually, but it feels like only yesterday that GoW3 came out, and I'm just not in the mood to play another one so soon.

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      It feels like there's a real lack of hype around Judgement, maybe because unnumbered games in a series don't tend to do as well. I'm still actually keen on playing this, just because I always enjoy the Gears campaigns and I'm sure it will be entertaining.

      I'm not really willing to plonk down the RRP for it though, so I'll wait a while regardless of the quality - I've got too many 90+ metacritic games sitting my in pile of shame to get started on a new one.

        Im still playing 3, so not for a while but i will admit it was the multiplayer preview at last year's E3 that prompted me to get #3 in the first place!

        They've changed the controls for this one, weapons are now switched with Y and RB throws grenades!

      I'm hoping JudgEment is to Gears what ODST was to Halo - an interesting twist on the solid mechanics established by the previous games. I'm cautiously optimistic about the campaign, though I know a few people who'll definitely be picking it up for multiplayer, so I'll probably jump on board.

      That said, I almost exclusively play Horde mode in Gears 3, and it sounds like they're making some changes to it that I don't quite agree with.

        I have been playing hte beta over the weekend. Overrun is a pretty solid mode. have changed the controls a little but nothing massive. Still the same style of play. Maybe some slightly longer lines of sight for a good sniper. Lancer is the same, hammerburst is a 6 shot burst. Class system offers something different and good players working as a team a near unstoppable, clowns who just do what they want and dont help will make you loose.

        U need decent team mates to have a good game.

          The class thing does sound kinda neat. I'm pretty busy with a couple of time-consuming projects so it won't be a day-one pickup, but I'll be watching reaction to this one closely.

      I thought Hale 4 was better than 2 and 3, campaign wise

      There's only one incentive for me to buy the game this week.

      and that's a repeat of the weekly weekend challenge 30 times achievement.

      I loved the first three, but I feel that their story was fairly self-contained and needed no extra embellishment. I might pick up Judgement some day, but I've got no real desire to play it any time soon. Probably why I had little hype for Halo 4, too, and that turned out pretty much as you described it.

        I think the biggest letdown for Halo 4 for me was the COD style ending... Shootout followed by a "Push left stick to crawl"... I couldn't believe it, I asked my brother in law who played 4 player co-op with his friends, he said only one of them crawled the others just watched. Also the fact that all the turrets and weapons felt the same and that the shotguns felt as typically useless at any form of range as they do in COD... Also the lack of epic music.

        I'm worried Judgement will pull the same shit.

          CoD style ending? How about CoD style campaign. By that I mean, the developers are under the impression that if you stop the action and have a quiet moment then all gamers will immediately quit out of the game. There's one moment where you fight some guys, a dropship appears, the second you move towards it the screen goes black, then you find yourself standing next to a Scorpion that's firing. There was no sense of progression and I don't know how I got here.

          Let's compare it to Reach. You fight some guys, wait for a Falcon to survey the area, flies down, picks you up, carries you around the mountain, you see combat down below, you circle the battle, land down, then jump out and open fire. This is better because it takes a moment to slow down for the pacing, gives you a moment to rest and collect your thoughts, while at the same time allowing you to appreciate the area, the artwork, the backgrounds, start wondering why the trees are bent over or why the grunts have a motor in their backpack.

          Well, yes, that "shootout then crawl" was a horrible ending. But the whole Didact plot in general made little sense, unless I completely misread the first two books in Greg Bear's Forerunner saga... maybe the last book will make everything fall into place,
          by justifying Bornstellar's complete 180 on his attitude towards humans as his identity gets absorbed into the Didact's.
          I'm waiting until I get a chance to read Silentium before I rag on Halo 4's plot too much, but question why they released Halo 4 when that trilogy was so incomplete. It was about the equivalent of Marcus Fenix becoming a Locust general in some hypothetical Gears of War 4...

      Yeah exact same thing happened with Assassin's Creed Revelations. When it first came out I was just like "Really?". I actually didn't play it until right before the AC III release, like only a few weeks. It turned out being pretty good, but its mere existence tarnished a brand that used to be one of my favourites because it was so obviously about the money, not the fact that this was a game that the developers HAD to release because it was so necessary to express creatively.

      What all these suits who have come into the industry because they've realised how much money is in it don't understand, is that with the games industry, customer retention is the most important thing. You may get a quick payout from the cattle of society who sit in front of the consumer trough waiting to get fed, but while you're doing that, you're pissing off the people who will stick around for your next game, or the one after that.

      People aren't sticking around anymore, there are always people saying "never buying another EA game again" on the comments now, and Activision will surely follow next.

      Sim City is a good example of what happens. Guitar Hero is another. Call Of Duty. Halo 4, as you said, was a massive step down. Everyone's doing it, and this is really the last days of Rome.

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    I've got Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate preordered. Don't have a 3DS yet so getting the edition that comes with it preinstalled. Handy.

    I'd probably be somewhat interested in another Gears if I'd finished the last one, but haven't got around to it yet. Waiting on my bro to have time enough to plow through it cooperatively. S'how I've always played Gears, not about to go through solo now.

    I'm kind of interested in that Walking Dead game, but it does look generic as hell and more than that I'd be surprised if it turned out anything other than pure crap. Gonna wait on reviews for that one. I certainly hope it's good!

    Although my main interest in Walking Dead is the Telltale game, my wife has joined the legions of lady fans who thinks Darryl from the TV show is a bit of alright. She also recently picked up Left 4 Dead 2 during the Xbox Live sale so she's rekindled her love of shooting at zombies.

    So... although all suck sensors have been tripped by what I've seen of the game, we might pick it up.


    Is MoHun3 worth buying a 3DSXL for (would have to trade in my DS)? Is it also 'time-friendly' enough to accomodate someone that's just starting a PhD? >_>

      I don't think its possible for games to be time friendly but more along the lines of the gamer showing alittle restraint.

      Well, when I got MH3 back on Wii it managed to get me to sink 60 hours into it in the first week. Then by three weeks I'd hit 100. Thankfully I'd also hit the end credits, so I could happily put it aside and play something else. So I would suggest you proceed with caution :P

      As for me, I'm not bothering with MH3HD/3D. Capcom can get screwed, I'll just wait for MH4 and then see how I feel.

      I got Monster Hunter Tri 6 months into my PhD. It doesn't have to be a time sink to have fun. Research by day, Hunt monsters by night! Good luck!

    Monster Hunter for me! I'm preparing to lose many hours of my time again. I think I spent over 500h hours on the psp monster hunter alone - between mates.

    Tattered flags and sparks are where the money is these days.

    althought i love gears i'm going to hold off and see what ppl say about it in a week or 2... would love a new game for the wii u, but i tried the monster hunter demo and i don't think its for me :( will have to wait for lego city in the next :)

    Hate to say, but Gears Judgement doesn't seem “big” at all to me. It's exactly what it is described as above, a "prequel/sequel that focuses on the b-team of Baird and Cole".

    It’ll be nothing more than a second-rate spinoff/story trying to continue the fame and glory of the original Gears trilogy.

    I still fail to understand why companies create three-part game series with a clear beginning and end, and then decide they’ll continue the story, or make a few spinoffs/prequels after they’re done.

    If they had some sort of open-ended formula like the Mario games I’d be more accepting of countless releases, but when they set out to create these three-part series with epic storylines and characters, and then end them, they just have to understand they can’t go back.

    When will they learn?

    Halo 4 got lucky, but did we seriously need a whole new story? I would have just taken Halo as a pure multiplayer title after the third game (and original trilogy at that matter) came to an end.

    Back on track, I’d probably say Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate is the highlight of the week.

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    Nothing this week... Time to finish some oldies before Bioshock next week!

    My Neptunia NISA LE is shipping soon. Woo. I was giving activision flak about Walking Dead being out this week with no fanfare then I see Gears of War is also at this week. News to me :p

    Resident Evil 6 PC will happen at some point at sale time. Not to far away from sales now ;)

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