This Week In The Business: 'We Don't Think There Are Enough Games For Mature Players'

What's happened in the business of video games this past week ...

QUOTE | "We don't think that there are enough games for mature, adult players." — Adam Badowski, head of CD Projekt, talking about developing Witcher 3, Cyberpunk 2077 and other PC games.

QUOTE | "Video games are not all they can be... most of them are the same formula in a constantly updated skin." — Adrian Chmielarz, developer of Bulletstorm, talking about why his new team The Astronauts is trying to create different games.

STAT | 78% — Percentage of core gamers who regularly buy used games, according to an NPD survey; this compares to 88% who say they regularly buy new retail copies, and 70% who buy digital games.

STAT | 3 million — Number of units of BioShock Infinite predicted to ship in the first month, according to analyst Arvind Bhatia; the $US150 limited edition version appears to have already sold out in most places.

QUOTE | "We really want to deliver more like a Monday Night Football experience." — Whalen Rozelle, senior eSports manager for Riot Games, talking about how the company is changing League of Legends tournaments and livestreaming.

QUOTE | "It's not getting any easier." — Cie Games' CEO Dennis Suggs, explaining why better quality games are making it harder for smaller developers to find an audience for mobile games.

STAT | 8% — Amount that Nintendo's stock jumped on Friday, thanks to a combination of a weakening yen and an improving U.S. job market.

STAT | 50 million — Number of copies of Temple Run 2 that were downloaded for iOS in the game's first two weeks; the Temple Run game is also the #4 game on Android.

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    I 110% agree with CD Projekt..

      I on the other hand, agree as well :P

        I fail to disagree with your agreement... thus I refuse to give a negative response...

    I don't even buy used anymore. Online stores are just to easy and you will find what you are looking for 99% of the time. Instead of looking through piles of overpriced shit at EB! Alot of games have increased in price at EB in the last few weeks. I noticed an increase of $10 across the board at my local EB this week... they will be the harbingers of their own doom and I really don't see them being around by 2020.

      Here's an interesting Gamestop/EB rant from someone who worked there for 2 years it really hits the nail on the head for those idiots :/

      Last edited 10/03/13 12:35 pm

      Yeah, I remember walking into an EB and seeing a preowned copy of something fairly new'ish being more expensive than the original copy. I held up both copies and arched an eyebrow quizzically at the heavily be-pierced employee who shrugged and looked incredibly weary when he said, "Yeah, the pre-owned guys and the new release guys are in different areas and they don't like each other."

      Regardless, I don't buy pre-owned if I can grey import for cheaper - which these days is almost always possible. (Seriously, something's gotta give in that area, regional pricing in the digital age is fucking ridiculous.)

    what are you talking about!!?? there's the Wii for old people!

    Seriously? Not enough mature games? Throw a rock, you have a 50/50 chance of hitting one, if not more when in store due to how much retail space they get. Even then, mature does not equate to quality, fun or enjoyment...

    If you mean more "hardcore" game, then yes I would agree, most games are pretty easy/dumbed down these days. Or if you mean involve a lot of adult content, well CD Projekt also have that covered and will continue to it seems.

      I'd suggest that they're M rated, but generally far from mature

        Exactly. Blood, gore and swearing may be inappropriate for children, but this industry's fixation with them is usually fairly juvenile. About as mature as a kid using swear words in the playground.

    Thank heavens R18+ has been introduced into Australia. Mature gamers will now enjoy Mortal Kombat. On a serious note:

    QUOTE | “It’s not getting any easier.” — Cie Games’ CEO Dennis Suggs, explaining why better quality games are making it harder for smaller developers to find an audience for mobile games.

    This is rubbish. Mobile games have been around since Tetris. Try harder.

      "It's getting harder and harder for us to find an audience for our latest endless-runner/platformer/tower-defence/social empire-building/farming game!"

      When there are eighty bajillion clones out there doing exactly the same thing, none of which are sortable by quality, on an apps store which seems to intentionally make browsing painful by denying access to tabs or letting 'back' take you back to where you were in your search?

      No shit no-one's seeing your game.
      Something about selling snow to eskimos, right?

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