What The Fashionable Thief Will Be Wearing Next Year

Our very own Chris Person snapped these pics of master thief Garrett's newly redesigned threads and bow at PAX East. Cool, if a bit drab.


    Don't like the clothing honestly, but I'm a big fan of the originals *shrug* oh well, I'll get over it.
    How's he gonna sneak through places with all that leather making noise when he moves?

    Last edited 23/03/13 9:10 pm

      Nah, with the tech-bow and the screenshots you wont be sneaking anywhere, the emphasis is on killing. RIP Garrett.

        My thoughts exactly, seems like they may be heading in the Assassins Creed direction. Time to dig out Thief 1 - 3 and play them again...

      I read in Gameinformer that they actually worked with clothing designers to create a suit that would limit movement noise

      Lol! Yeah: "Parp!" "Rrrp!" "Squeak!" "Prrrrrp!"

      Scene: Garret leaves his hideout...

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