‘What We Want To Do Is Scare The S**t Out Of Players.’

‘What We Want To Do Is Scare The S**t Out Of Players.’

This is Outlast, a first-person, combat-free horror game about investigating an asylum. It’s coming to PC (Steam) at the end of the winter by new development studio Red Barrels. We saw the game at PAX East last weekend.

Supposedly one of the people who tried the game at PAX was so freaked out that he nearly knocked the booth down. I played it and managed to keep my composure. It was creepy nonetheless.

Check the game’s official site for more details. Thank you to Philippe Morin, president and co-founder of Red Barrels for showing us the game. And thanks to our favourite science consultants at Thwacke for tipping us off to the game. They’re advising development and helped Red Barrels learn more about crazy people and the history of asylums–hopefully to make this game all the scarier.


  • Oooooooo, I’m interested. I like playing horror games, and a game that tries to scare the shit out of me could never be a bad thing.

  • I’ll probably pick it up, get through 10 mins and walk away. My blood pressure is already high enough.

  • I think I may just have to get this! I will only be playing it during the day though, my nerves are rattled enough as it is to play it at night lol.

    • But playing it late at night in the pitch-black is half the fun 🙂

      I did this with Dead Space, and it got into my head — I had vivid nightmares for weeks. It was awesome, in a kind of super immersive messed up way.

  • I appreciate, respect and love scary horror games like this.
    I just cant play them.
    I get an hour in and think “fuck this!”

    Its weird (as Im sure many of you relate). . . love playing them, but cant play it.

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