When SimCity Roads Are So Broken They Look Like Rollercoasters

This video is called "SimCity TrackMania City". It could also be called "SimCity Rollercoaster Tycoon City".

YouTube user MiguelM12345 says he "wanted to fill the water space with hand-drawed roads". And this is what happened.

I'm not so shocked that it happened. I'm more shocked it stuck, that the game's engine can handle it, and seems to actually work.

SimCity TrackMania City [MiguelM12345, via PC Gamer]


    Holy shit its the Apple version of Sim City!!!!!!

      You beat me to the joke, by only one hour! I thought it was a story about Apple maps when I saw the thumbnail.

    AI is still crappy enough that it can' t find the most efficient path to a destination.

    Also, could you imagine how screwed you'd be if there was an accident up there.

      The pathfinding's so bad that not only do cars actually take that road, you can see one chuck a Uie at about 2:40 after doing the whole thing...

        There's also a ferry plowing through the roads at 2:11 and a plane through them early on! :P

    That's pretty impressive though I found it amusing that the boat decided to go charge on through like there was nothing there and didnt do any noticeable damage to the bridge

      Clearly it was just a ghost ship.

      ....or a Ghost Bridge?

    Hmmm, meh I miss terraforming still

    Last edited 28/03/13 11:31 am

    LoL I like to make unnecessary bridges over water but this is just ridiculous! So high!

    I love it! Hilariously over the top - Sim City needs patching, pronto!

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