Winners! GI Joe Prize Packs

Alrighty, let's see who won the G.I. Joe competition. Some humdingers in there...

The question was...

In the trailer you hear The Rock joke about catch phrases. Tell us what your personal catch phrase would be, and what situation you’d use it in. As always, please keep it clean!

And the ten winners are...

Tadmod "Swagmaster General, reporting for duty" I would (and do) say it whenever I enter a room.

shiggyninty It is time to do a punch! - When I'm going to hit someone.

j3st3r "Looks like someones flogged a dead horse" Thus said when looking in the mirror.

nathaniel_03 "End scene." Situation - everytime I kill a bad guy, preferably taking place at the theatre.

Neon Jackal My personal catchphrase is "What's for dinner?" I use it every night because I don't know how to cook.

Beardy McMuttonchops With great beard comes great responsibility.

tabijinka "I'm gonna butter your biscuits"

Sughly I always deliver. No wait wait Sughly always delivers. Sounds better third person

MrTaco Lettuce salsa. I'm gonna crack your shell. Then make mincemeat out of you. I hope I tortilla lesson. Situation: Any time I need to escape. These *should* be enough to make just about anyone cringe to death, giving me an opening to leg it.

Matthew K My time working in insurance claims has led to a lot of creative ways of saying someone is at fault, or a liar, etc. All in all I look for reasons why something was not the fault of our client. I feel like it'd be very satisfying to, just once, tell someone that yes, I am going to ruin their day, and there's not a goddamn thing they can do about it. So, I'd like to think that as I crack my knuckles and adjust my beret before beating someone in a fist fight, or just before letting go of them while holding them in balance over a dizzying precipice, I would say something like: "This time I AM the author of your misfortune."

Congrats to all the winners — I'll be in touch!


    AH SHIT I LOST name is there? AWWW YEAH!

      My reaction precisely... Mark snuck me in right at the end. SCORE.

      I think your catchphrase is amazing and I might accidentally steal it when playing games now.

      You win a GI Joe! And you win a GI Joe! And you and you and you!

    Neon Jackal deserves a super prize for such an awesome catchphrase :D

      I am ok with this, especially if the super prize is food, I am hungry.


    My Kotaku tattoo not looking so silly anymore!

    Congrats to the other winners, I really enjoyed reading through all the comments.

    congrats guys!! some real humdingers in there for sure!

    Awwwww yeaaaaahhh! Swagmaster General, reporting for prize-pack! :D

    I still think Shiggy's entry is by far the best thing I've read on the internet.

    Ahahaha, my puntacular skills pay off once again!

    Funny, just yesterday the movie tickets from the Expendables 2 comp expired :P

    Thanks, Mark!

    :O Thanks :) Was not expecting to win this, especially seeing some of the other winners. Congrats to all the others, and thanks Mark :)

    Hey Mark, just wondering if you've gotten round to contacting the winners yet? Keen not to miss out on the prizes!

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