These Real Totoro Catbuses Will Delight You

In the anime My Neighbor Totoro, the Catbus is a large, furry cat that is, well, a bus. But the Catbus isn't only the stuff of fantasy. There are a handful of real catbuses.

While there was an impressive one at Burning Man (apparently, a Subaru!), let's take a look at the catbuses spotted around Japan over the years.

From bakeries to car garages, a couple of businesses in Japan seem to be using catbuses to entice customers. Why catbuses? Everyone loves Totoro, that's why! One town in Hokkaido even has a "Totoro Ridge", which looks like a scene from the famed anime; visitors are carted up in a Catbus style painted bus.

Some pre-schools use catbuses to pick up and drop off little kids. In Japan, pre-school buses are typically very colourful to ease children's separation anxiety. That's why the buses are shaped like trains, dogs, or even Pikachu.

The Pikachu pre-school buses you see in Japan are probably licensed. The nondescript cat ones are vaguely like Totoro's Catbus and aren't official catbuses. In fact, none of the catbuses in Japan seem official. They do seem wonderful though.

Pictures: めだかちゃん, BikeBros, ミニチュアダックス, レンジローバー, 茄子の徒然日記, 大空を, zumi, コミュニティサロン, じゅんさん, AMADA, 深爪, Osakajj, 日々是好日, 猫と田舎の風景と, Impression, 親方のチャリと祭りな話, スマイル北海道, ドライブ好き!


    those scare the shit out of me if i was a kid there would be noway id hope on one of those. stuff nightmares are made of

    Jesus christ, that wasn't delightful at all.

    Have any of you seen "My Neighbour Totoro"?
    These are AWESOME!!!

      Yeah I don't think they understand where it's from. I would love a catbus, bus.

        I wouldn't paint my Harley like one, but Id be tempted to pain my car like Catbus :D

          I bet it would look wicked painted in those colours!

    I like Totoro as much as anyone, but some of those look like you'd find a man offering candy inside them...

    Last edited 18/04/13 7:10 pm

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