This CryEngine 3 Demo Isn’t A Game, It’s Mental Industrial Design

This CryEngine 3 Demo Isn’t A Game, It’s Mental Industrial Design

Is it a model? Is it a game? No! It’s the CryEngine 3 being used as an industrial design tool! And it looks amazing.

I’m still trying to understand precisely what this is for. I mean it looks great, but what is it for. It’s the work of Enodo, a company attempting to use high tech gaming technology in order to elevate industrial design into something else entirely. It takes blueprints, drawings and any other document you’d care to name and uses them all to create a highly immersive artists imagining of what a finished project will look like.

I guess the best way to describe it would be this: you know those artists impression drawings you often see of projected buildings? This is a much better, video game version of that.


  • Games are looking great, but it seems to be 90% lighting that dev’s are working on currently. I say judge something like this on it’s worst moments – like the fly over of the savana in the beginning just looks terrible to me except the light source.

  • There are two very small issues that I see that they haven’t perfected yet. Clothing seems to stick to the person walking down the street and the interaction between the train and trees next to the track. There is no movement from the leaves, branch or tree when the train passes but with those two minor things, I think that it looks amazing and unbelievable that it has come so far.

    • Now I am no game designer but I think they were just showing of the visuals that CryEngine 3 cam do and not the animations. I may be wrong but still look at it that way 🙂

    • The train not blowing the bushes around is what killed it for me. Technically the lighting looks great and while the textures look too clean they seem to be detailed – it’s always someting not interacting correctly that destroys the suspension of disbelief.

  • I was going to say a GTA with this level of detail would be pretty sweet, but I think the general mood and art direction would better suit a new The Getaway game.

  • It would not be a bad idea to match this detail with VR to replace physical models for development planning and environmental ‘cohesion’ of a new building. Allowing a client to actually go down to the neighbourhood they plan to build and see it all in motion would be fantastic, Enodo may be thinking along those lines??

  • I assume most clients would be most interested in the overall look of the building (or train etc) and how it fits in with the local environment, rather than the physics of the whole thing. I guess if you’ve got a budget for a client and it has to go somewhere, the detail of the construction they’re paying for or the aesthetics of the local infrastructure are more important than the cloth physics of pedestrians. This company is probably marketing themselves to those kinds of people, not gamers who will notice all the flaws in the physics engine.

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