Here Are 14 In-Development Games Using Crytek's CryEngine 3

So, Unreal Engine 4 has had its time in the sun, but Epic's not the only company selling its tech to third parties. The following video showcases in-development games using Crytek's CryEngine 3 and while not as insanely detailed as Epic's demo, the variety of titles (and their visuals) is impressive.

All up, the clip covers 14 games, including Big Red Button, Battlefield of Honor, Cabal 2 and Datex (which looks like Just Cause meets Death Rally). Going by the name of the video, it was put together for this year's Game Developers Conference.

Given the complexity and costs involved in producing all but the simplest games, licensing an engine is usually the smart move, especially if you're planning a multi-platform release. I'm glad there's some competition — between UE4, CryEngine 3, Unity and a host of other frameworks and APIs, developers are more likely than ever to find exactly what they need.

CryEngine 3 — GDC 2013 Licensee Showcase Trailer [YouTube, thanks Zak!]

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    Battlefield of Honor, they're joking right? EDIT: r0ck3t0wn3r beat me to it

    Some interesting looking games there. Lichdom and the one by Warhorse could be worth a look

    Last edited 01/04/13 12:53 pm

    Honestly unimpressed by that line up. I mean I will definitely be looking into enodo and star citizen but the rest while looking pretty seemed pretty sloppy (even if it was all in development video).

    Anyone notice that the car in Datex looks very similar to the BMW from the original NFS Most Wanted??

    Big fan of the engine look forward to seeing how some of these play out

    Big Red Button, Lichdom and Star Citizen.. Sign me up!

    You guys realize its April 1st today, right? April Fools Day

    Why a golf game? That confuses me!

    So looking forward to Star Citizen. Kick started it when it was still in that phase. Been too long since we've had a decent space fighter/trading game

    Don't forget the Frostbite 3!

    Every one of those games was generic and uninspiring.

    Golfzon makes me hopeful that someone has finally realised my dream of a full contact golf game.

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