Thor: The Dark World Trailer Lands With Mjölnir’s Thunder...

Phase two of Marvel’s plan to take over the cinematic universe is truly underway. Iron Man 3 hits Aussie screens tomorrow, and now the first trailer for October’s Thor sequel has arrived. And it looks like Natalie Portman is having a pretty rough day...

I wasn’t hugely into the Thor comics, but the first movie pleasantly surprised me. Not sure how I feel about part two yet…but I’ve been getting into History Channel’s Vikings of late, so I’m kinda into the Nordic thing at the moment...


    This looks *magnificent*. Ironman 3, Thor : The Dark World... DC looks like its FINALLY got its stuff together with Man of Steel.

    My friends, we truly are in the golden age of comicbook cinema right now :D

    YES! More Loki!

      I concur - Loki is brilliant. Unless you were being facetious, in which case...

    Wait. There's a Thor 2 AND it's out this October?

      also there's a Nick Fury film in the works, Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014), The Incredible Hulk (2014), Avengers 2 at around 2015 ;)

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        I knew about those, and I knew they were planning a Thor 2 - I just didn't realise that I had been named, filmed and is having the finishing touches put on.

        I liked the first one; I'm a little disappointed to see that Branagh's not coming back for this one, although it looks like there's a lot more action, so that might be for the best.

        They're making a Hulk 2? I'm glad, it would be a shame if they didn't just because the first one was only averagely received.

        What they really should do though is make a Hawkeye and Black Widow movie.

          either Hawkeye or Black Widow would make much better films than a Nick Fury film, sad they went the other way with that, but also with Ant-Man in development, that should be interesting!

            Ant-man! I didn't like how he was left out of the Avengers movie. And Wasp. They got ditched for non-original avengers. For shame.

              It does suck that they were left out, but I guess because of where they begun with the individual characters' story arcs within the films already released, it only made sense to continue that with the core team from the Avengers Assembled storyline and as long as Marvel continue with the whole overarching storyline chronologically, it will definitely make the fans of the comics happy and it seems to work really well for people unfamiliar with the comic storylines because of how successful those characters are in the mainstream... so I guess Ant-Man will be a bit of a risky territory to tread given the success of better known Marvel characters..... I just hope it turns out well and will be in the right hands!

          Because the first *two* were averagely received?

        Nick Fury movie is currently on the backburner due to the SHIELD tv show. It'll still likely happen but it's not their number one priority. Marvel Phase 2 is about to kick off with IRON MAN 3, THOR : THE DARK WORLD, CAPTAIN AMERICA : THE WINTER SOLDIER and GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, culminating in THE AVENGERS 2 with Thanos as the big baddie. Phase 3 will then kick off with ANT MAN, DR STRANGE, *possibly* BLACK PANTHER and other sequels to existing properties and culminate in Avengers 3. Just to expand on what you said. But yeah, there ARE ideas for a Fury movie, but at this point, Jacksons being relegated to cameos and bigger roles in the Avengers movies :\

        Also, don't count on an INCREDIBLE HULK movie in 2014, there's no plans for a standalone Hulk movie in phase 2 but Ruffalo will be cameoing in multiple other movies. They're likely going to push one out in time for Phase 3. Though in my opinion? Time to do teamup movies. Ironman and the Hulk, or Thor and The Hulk!

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          Teamups - hells yes!! Sounds like a brilliant idea - especially anyone with the Hulk. Brilliant.

    There has been no announcement of a new hulk film, nor a nick fury film. Ant-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy are coming however. Plus a SHIELD TV series.

    Im calling it right now the girl gets taken and he has to try and save her ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh why

      I'd say that's a pretty safe bet given that you see it happen in the trailer.

    Good job trailer practically spoiling an important scene.

    Spoiling what? It's a THOR movie - his vulnerability is laid clear in the first one. And will always be obvious. it's also a comic book movie - the story beats were laid out decades ago. And I'm saying this as someone who collected many a Thor comic from the olden days (god I hope they bring in Beta Ray Bill somehow).

    We watch these movies because of the f-ing BADASSNESS in them - Malekith and the Dark Elves invading London? Hells. YES.

    Oh, and don't forget the other big movie in Marvel's Phase 2 - Guardians of the Galaxy!

    Keen, Thor was actually my favourite phase 1 movie, hoping this is equally enjoyable.

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