Turns Out Gearbox Is The Highest Bidder On Homeworld

Turns Out Gearbox Is The Highest Bidder On Homeworld
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Gearbox today announced that the mysterious highest bidder on Homeworld was actually itself. Luke gave us a rundown on the runners up last night, but the winners of the RTS series once owned by THQ wouldn’t reveal themselves at the time.

The only other details Gearbox mentioned in today’s announcement included its dedication to preserving Relic’s franchise, and making those experiences available on “today’s leading digital platforms”. So it sounds like it wants to bring Homeworld and Homeworld 2 to modern platforms.

Gearbox is perhaps most favourably known for its action/RPG Borderlands franchise and the Brothers in Arms series. CEO Randy Pitchford promises Brothers in Arms is still getting new titles, and we’re sure to see more Borderlands 2 content as well. The team of developers has also dabbled in bringing franchises — Duke Nukem if you’re keeping track — back to life before. It wasn’t the successful resurrection people had hoped for though. It also recently released Aliens: Colonial Marines, which was a shocking mess.

Homeworld feels like it could be unfamiliar territory for Gearbox, considering it will be their first strategy title, but we can leave Luke to the speculation on how that might actually fare.


  • Worst news I think I will hear today… hopes for a well made successor to previous homeworl titles just died. Dam you Gearbox, why couldnt you have left screwing up aweaom IP’s to just the Aliens franchise…

    • Yup. Looking at their previous track record, I’m not holding my breathe for this.

      But if they get Homeworld 1 & 2 easily playable on modern systems I’ll be happy. Might even buy them again. Bought them both for full price back in the day. That’s right. $90 a pop. Got my money’s worth though. Good games. Slow but good.

  • Interesting… Given their current track record with existing IP’s who knows which way this will go.

    Gearbox are pretty good developers… Their problem with Duke is they tried to patch together an abomination just to get it out the door, it should never have seen the light of day. The problem with A:CM was they never really worked on the game, they put it aside, they outsourced it, but they never really put any effort into making it.

    If they knuckle down and work on Homeworld it might come out good, but only time will tell I guess.

    • When they bought Duke Nukem, they would have inherited the publishing contracts with Take Two. Cancelling the title probably wasn’t an option, so they probably decided to finish what they had. If they do another sequel, hopefully they will give it the attention out needs.

  • HD update for the original 2 and I’ll be happy. A good quality 3rd and I’ll be ecstatic. The first one is possible the second not so much.

  • I kinda don’t get how the Kotaku US loves to piss on Colonial Marines so much. Yeah, it wasn’t a great game and it needs a lot of fixing, but “a shocking mess” is exessive. Now, The War Z, THAT is a shocking mess.

  • The picture is a Babylon 5 Homeworld mod. It would be nice if there was a Linux port of Homeworld/Homeworld 2 made from this but I doubt Gearbox will do it.

  • Eighteen months ago, I would have though this was a good thing, but there was a group who raised kickstarter funds to purchase the Homeworld IP that I suspect would have done a better job. Regardless, Gearbox has done a lot to erode their goodwill with consumers:

    – They’re charging for increased level caps, but still haven’t fixed the bugs with BL2 that cause it crash constantly on xbox and PS3.
    – Season Pass that doesn’t cover the full Season of DLC. Yes, they were sort of up front about it, but I suspect they were banking on everyone assuming their season pass worked like every other and wouldn’t read the fine print.
    – DNF released at full retail price.
    – A: CM ‘gameplay’ videos that basically amount to fraud.

      • Besides the fact you paid for the free levels as part of the season pass (that wasn’t my point by the way – I have a problem with them focusing on DLC when the base game is broken), unless you pick up the Season Pass 2, your missing out on the upcoming DLC. Seriously, this is not how this worked before: you buy the Season Pass, you get all the DLC for the game. They’ve changed it to ‘you get some of the DLC to a certain point. Like I said, they were up front about it, but they should have called it something else.

  • But… why? What could Gearbox possibly want Homeworld for? They have no previous titles in either RTS, or even space-combat. I’m intensely skeptical of what good could come of this :S


  • This is terrible news. I don’t get why Gearbox has so many fanboys but their games are either shit (anything other than borderlands) or completely boring (bordomlands).

    • How dare people have a different opinion to you.
      Opposing Force and Borderlands series are some of my favourite games of all time.

  • Cautiously optimistic. Nervously hopeful. …With a twitch.

    Gearbox is turning out to be like that really hot, caring, insightful partner who makes crazy bank and treats you to luxuries, but did get drunk and beat you a couple times.

    I don’t… I don’t know whether to be happy or cower in a corner.

  • Well at least we now know that EA didn’t get their hands on it. Imagine what EA would have done with the series.

  • A few years back, this would have been great news.

    Then Duke Nukem Forever and Aliens: Colonial Marines happened.

    This is terrible news.

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