Homeworld Remastered Gets The Collector's Edition It Deserves

Homeworld Remastered Gets The Collector's Edition It Deserves

During Gearbox Software's PAX East 2014 panel this morning, fans got a quick peek at the incredibly limited starship that's coming in the equally limited collector's edition of the Homeworld Remastered. So pretty.

Apparently this USB-powered statue is filled with so many bells and whistles the production process involves hundreds of hands, hopefully attached to people. The collector's edition will only number in the thousands, so fans are urged to hop on preorders as soon as they open up.

Along with the shot of the ship, Gearbox also revealed that the remastered version of the games will support up to 4K resolution.


    I just want the game already. That collector's edition does look awesome though

    I voted for this version of the statue only because there was no 3rd option, 3: "I don't care just release the game already!!!!!"

    Bet you Gearbox "remaster" it by just chucking in a Gearbox splash screen on start.

    Still no screen shots, but plenty of if you give us money first....

      Ooop kicked the angry gearbox fans in the shins I guess.. Back to playing Colonial Marines....

        I think its more likely that they should put their icon on it considering they worked on it... or would you rather it was not re-released?

    Any links to its page for pre order or anything?

      They would have sold out already, if a link would be included.

    Go here NAO!!!!1!1ONE11!


    Is it wrong to get a hard-on over this?

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