Homeworld 3 Is Coming, Hell Yes

Homeworld 3 Is Coming, Hell Yes

Twenty years after the release of the first game in the series, we got news today that there’s going to be a third mainline Homeworld game.

Here’s the debut trailer:

It’s going to be a full-blooded sequel, carrying on the story from the earlier mainline games (remember, the otherwise excellent Cataclysm isn’t treated as canon) and promising the return of Homeworld’s signature 3D real-time space combat.

As someone who loves Homeworld from the very bottom of my heart, this is amazing news, and yet, there’s a weird catch attached to the announcement. Despite Gearbox publishing the game, and that it’s coming from an established studio with a number of successful releases under its belt, Homeworld 3 is going to be crowd-funded.

It’s only very early in development, with the idea being that a campaign on Fig will play a big role in funding the rest of the game’s development. This is from Homeworld 3‘s announcement press release:

The campaign will allow longtime Homeworld fans to become investors in Fig and participate in the game’s future success. Additionally, investments and pledges will provide a chance to tell the developers what they expect of Homeworld 3 via a backer-only survey. This survey would include things such as its features, priorities, and even what the collector’s edition will include.

I mean… this is Homeworld 3, I’m sure it’ll make millions, but it does raise questions as to why Gearbox isn’t just funding this game outright.

For now, though, I’m just going to soak up the fact Homeworld 3 is coming, and linger for an uncomfortable amount of time over this early concept art for the game.



  • Homeworld Remastered has been in my Steam Wishlist for years now. It may be time to pull the trigger.

    • Pretty sure one of the backing tiers for 3 is all the previous games along with 3, though that said it probably won’t unlock the games before 3 drops so grab the original remasters when you can.

  • Yessssss.

    Though my enthusiasm is tempered by how they handled Homeworld remastered. I loved Homeworld 2, but it came with some design baggage that I didn’t like: enemy scaling. There became no point to preserving your fleet or mining more because it just made the game harder, not easier. They got too into their own heads on design.

    Cataclysm was the better of the series, and hopefully the backers will help devs realize this. 🙂

    • (Also, ew: at the Fic.co entry… yeah, they’ve made 100% of their backing goal, because their goal was $1. Is this really just to collect preorder backer feedback?)

      • Lots of noise there regarding ‘I’d love to, but only if you commit to no Epic store exclusivity’.

        Other than that, looks like the usual KS backer stuff with the tiers, just ‘the game is being made either way’

    • Yeah I pretty much have the same reservations.

      My biggest complaint about the remaster was that everything I liked about the first game is basically gone and replaced by everything I hated about the second.
      I get that a lot of that was based on what they had to work with but it was still a disappointing.

  • Aw hell yeah, awesome news!

    I’m a little sceptical, there isn’t many making RTS games at the scale of Homeworld these days so I really hope they are going all out.

  • They went to great pains to say that the game is fully funded and the campaign is a way for people that are emotionally invested to have a financial investment and contribute to the success that will be HW3.

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