While You Were Sleeping: April Fools… Urgh

How was your long weekend everyone? I went camping. URGH. Welcome to While You Were Sleeping, where we round up the news in a quick and nasty fashion.

BLoody April Fools. I hate it. I think it’s dumb and it’s license for bullshit click bait stories across the globe. When it’s done well, fair enough. When it’s stupid? Urgh. This, for example, is the stupid kind: iPlay, the Apple gaming console from IGN. Nope. Don’t like it. April Fools have to be funny or imaginative or possibly interesting. This one is guff.

This one is a little better I suppose, it’s an April Fools about Developer Diaries and it’s funny! Just be funny, or outlandish! Just be good.

Is this Far Cry 3 thing an April Fools joke? See this is the problem — you can’t trust any news that breaks on April 1. Urgh. Anyway, I hope it’s real. Apparently Battlefield 4 will be out on October 29 and this is the hardest Where’s Wally imaginable.

In Short
Whatever It Is, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Is Looking More And More Bizarre
The Hardest Where’s Wally Imaginable
Up Close With The iPlay, The Apple Gaming Console That Doesn’t Exist
Watch Dishonored’s Amazing April Fools’ Commentary
Microsoft Blog Says Battlefield 4 Will Be Out On October 29

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