Here’s The Zebra-Striped Xbox One Development Unit We Told You About

Here’s The Zebra-Striped Xbox One Development Unit We Told You About

Remember @Talaviir. Maybe it was for security, maybe it was just to look cool. They do this for cars that aren’t officially out, too.

The final console, however, is black. “Liquid black” to be specific. The blackest black possible, a Microsoft designer noted to me today.


  • liquid black??? …..I think some M$ designer thought they’d try to make gloss black seem not so cheap! It’ll still look like a cheap set-top box.

  • Why does anyone give two shits what the box looks like? It sits in the entertainment centre and shouldn’t even need to be seen. Frankly, I wish they’d make every console a nice angular shape so it’s easier to keep things organized.

  • Why do u have the need to show us this? You come off sounding like that annoying kid in school who thinks he knows everything “derrr told ya so”

  • Ok cool, but I want to know whether the zebra stripes thing were dazzle camouflage or unique identifying marks. Especially if they were the identifying marks!

    • It throws off your ability to discern the underlying physical form. Less effective on a console but often used on pre production models of cars to mask the bodywork etc.

  • if they actually released one that looked like that I’d have to buy it… my wife would freakin love it!

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