Microsoft Thinking About Giving You Achievements For Watching TV

Achievements are changing on the new Xbox One. They might be changing even more than we realise though, if a Microsoft patent application for TV achievements ever actually comes to fruition. Yes, according to a report on, last November Microsoft applied for a patent aimed at giving you achievements for watching TV.

"Television viewing tends to be a passive experience for a viewer, without many opportunities for the viewer to engage or have interactive experiences with the presented content," the application's description reads. "To increase interactive viewing and encourage a user to watch one or more particular items of video content, awards and achievements may be tied to those items of video content."

That last sentence is the kicker, Microsoft obviously hoping to use achievements as a carrot, with sponsored content the stick.

Some other rewards beyond just a score are mentioned, such as "new clothes and props for an avatar, virtual money for a game, or even physical rewards."

Microsoft applies for patent on TV achievements []


    Hey, there should be some reward for sitting through half the crap on tv.

    "The labotomy" achievement: For sitting through 6 hours straight of reality TV (no cheating, the Kinect is watching...)

      i would sooner have a dog chew on my nutsack for six hours

        There's an achievement for that too. Thanks Kinect!

        "This is a dog that you will really care about"

    Dear god - I can see it now;
    I've got a "Tank-Ass" achievement.
    Oh yea? - I've got a "You have no life" & "You have actually become Stoopider for watching" achievement....mines better!

    "You just sat through the whole twilight series... we see you're male... via kinect 2... you just got the 'Hand back your penis please you'll NEVER need it again achievement!'"

    This is so ironic.... And also, this will be abused to force ratings unto crap television programs, increasing the odds of additional seasons of crap programs being produced. This will be a terrible cancerous cycle.

    Common sense really needs to prevail here.

    Yet another nail in the coffin for the XBone. At this rate the weight of the metal will create a singularity and wipe us all out.

    It's almost as if the X-Bone (we still calling it that?) news gets more ridiculous each day.

      X-Bone (we still calling it that?)

      I personally call it a XBox One(der how they are going to sell that rubbish) but it's a bit long to catch on.

      But seriously, there is no 'as if' about it. The news is getting worse by the day. In a couple more does, you'll have to be on crack first to make sense of it.



    Great. Banality just got more banal. Double banal! Banal. I just like saying banal.

    It seems Micro$oft are not content with the many reasons the've given us to not buy an Xbone. They feel they have to give us a new reason almost every day.

    How long until they start putting this into games, too?

    "Want to level up faster? Hold up a bag of Doritos so Kinect can see it and you'll be awarded 1,000XP!"

      Wow, you know that may actually be a thing. Don't let them hear you or see this.

      Don't give them any more ideas. It seems like they are grasping at straws as it is. MS is dead to me this gen.

    I'm confused by the people on this site (and others too).

    People were complaining the Xbox One isn't about gaming. Gamification is real, and people watch TV - why is there a problem with the crossover?

    This is a patent - not a feature (yet, if at all). Microsoft would be silly to not patent a novel idea.

    Example Cheevo: Watch 3 Pilots and provide Social Feedback: 50GS

    I'm not sure who this hurts - or why someone would complain about something so trivial.

    Last edited 27/05/13 5:42 pm

      Not a bad idea but here's the Australian equivalent achievement example:

      Couldn't watch 3 pilots or provide social feedback - content not available: -50GS

      Better yet, this achievement is available as soon as you turn on the console for the first time. As well as all of the other "no content" related achievements.

      Does Microsoft have the guts to go in to bat for us Aussies and the lack of methods to legitimately obtain digital content (at a reasonable price)?

      I think it's more like... if someone really pisses you off, pretty much everything they do or say afterwards that is congruous with that behaviour ALSO pisses you off, to the point that only outright contrition or behaviour shift can salvage their reputation with you.

      Like if a friend of a friend makes a SERIOUSLY off-colour joke in entirely the wrong company and they know it was in poor taste and a seriously dick move, but they don't apologise and instead try to dig up (stupid!) by making other, more acceptable jokes, hoping everyone will laugh off the insult and move along.

      This particular instance? It's like if there was some kid in class who basically made that kind of gaffe his entire life and now he's desperately trying things to be cool without realizing that he's continuing to taint everything that had potential with his unsettling worldview (in this case, corporate opportunism) which got everyone off-side in the first place.

        You left out the individual who doesn't care either way but enjoys the negative pile-on and hops on the band wagon, clicking on every story about the subject to throw a jab just for kicks.

      I think the example is more:
      Watch 3 pilot episodes you had no interest in but want the achievement for so we can pocket millions of dollars from sponsors - 50 (meaningless) GS.

    Having been the lucky recipient of FIFA 2012 achievements when someone hacked my account, I have no desire for the next hacker to shame my account even further with achievements such as "watched 10 episodes of Big Brother in a 5 hour period". The FIFA achievements are shameful enough...

    Just..... just stop, Microsoft. For the love of god, stop.

    As if kids needed any more reasons to sit on their asses and do nothing.

    Oh look, it's the Xbone's first new game!

    Can't see how a feature like this could be considered bad, really. People who care will use them, and people who don't care won't. It's not like achievements ever mattered on consoles in the first place.

    ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: "Hail Dew The Chief"- Watch Halo™: The Animated Series and Do The Dew™ with your flavorite Mountain Dew® beverage and tasty Doritos® corn chips

    If you fast forward through a show, does it still count? Will Kinect penalise me for toilet breaks?

    Only for Americans, no doubt.

    TVBox One - Build by Americans, for Americans. ; )

    Last edited 27/05/13 7:16 pm

    *Sat through every commercial break in a five hour sitting* 50GS

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