One Person Tried To Put All Those PS4 Pictures Together

Trying to steal a little of Microsoft's thunder ahead of the next Xbox's reveal -and to remind us the PS4 is more than just a control pad - Sony teased the design of the PlayStation 4 with a number of small abstract images.

They're meant to suggest, not give away the machine's entire design, but Redditor Albino-Zebra figures there's enough there to go on anyway, doing their best to put the pieces together and take a swing at the machine's appearance.

Is it accurate? Who knows! Nobody outside Sony does, at least not now. But hey, points for trying. And maybe, just maybe, they actually got it right.

If you want to see the images Sony released this morning, you can check them out here.

I had a go at creating what the PS4 could look like [Reddit]



      Actually think it looks quite ugly but each to their own.

        It literally looks like a George Forman grill....

          yes, well the ps3 looked like a bbq so maybe its part of sony's food cooker design language - ps5 will look like a frying pan :)

          I'd rather game on a George Foreman grill too.

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          Better than the old school video tape draw that is the xbox one

      Sexy? I know a lot of us made fun of the PS3 for looking like a George Foreman grill, but this seriously looks like an outdoor BBQ. I sure that's a vent on the side and not a hinge, otherwise I'd expect to pop open the hood and start grilling.

        A console machine thats part barbeque? Cooking steaks while killing streaks! Now that would be next generation.

          In Japan when the chunky PS3 was released they actually did have a grill modification, it was hot enough to cook on too :P

    I actually like this design and would be happy if that was it. if it's worse, SONY will hire this guy.. or just steal his design?

      "Well done, that was totally what we were planning all along. Yep. Not stealing your design at all."

    pre good design kinda looks alot like the original fat ps3 though

    If the size of that vent is correct, this thing is going to pump out some heat.

    I was actually contemplating doing this myself, but then I remembered it's the internet and others will do it.. so I ended up playing more games. GW interwebs!

    In either case, I wouldn't be suprised if the box has some sort of IO panel (much like a PVR). As the lower right of that. Also the end of the video had an offset pulsating blue line, which might end up being on the console, who knows.

    Looks like shit

      i'd like to see you push that out your rectum

    Looks more like an ugly laptop then a sexy console. I'll be disappointed if that's actually it!

    i want ham on my grilled cheese sandwiches please

      This picture is taking that joke to the next level

    Not bad, but I'd prefer a flatter, stackable console. Its not a discussion piece, its something I want to slot into my entertainment unit.

      you could always buy a wii! lol

        True. I always liked the look of the wii. I think its the most aesthetically pleasing of any console I've owned, with the exception of the N64: I liked its curves, and it was neven going to 'stack' due to cartridges anyway.

    I had a tape deck that looked a little like that when I was a kid. If I press ‚óŹ + > (record + play) will it tape in game sound.

    Looks like a Daft Punk helmet stretched out.

    Am I the only one that expects it to unfold? It looks like an Alienware laptop...

      I said this on a comment in the screengrab article. But it looks chunky and I think Alienware would have better lines and less angular.

        I dunno, an M18x is a pretty chunky laptop...

    Just for funzies, @Kotaku when we do finally get a picture of the PS4 can you do a side by side of this image and the actual thing. More than anything else it would be cool to see how close Redditor Albino-Zebra actually got.
    Good work Redditor Albino-Zebra

    That design does not appeal to me, but regardless of what it does end up looking like ill still be getting one.

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