Ray Harryhausen, The Artist Who Released The Kraken, Dead At 92

The man responsible for the fantastical elements and chilling creatures of film classics like Jason and the Argonauts and Clash of the Titans passed away today. With simple clay and an eye for precision, Ray Harryhausen laid the groundwork for how modern-day special effects look.

The official Facebook page for the Ray & Diana Harryhausen Foundation has a detailed obituary that details highlights from the master artist’s biography and credits.

For my part, I’ll never forget being mesmerised when I was home alone at eight years old with Jason and the Argonauts on an old giant, colour TV.

After years of reading Greek mythology and having only the occasional still drawing to fire my imagination, Harryhausen’s work helped me imagine what the Olympian menagerie looked and moved like.

The jittery menace of skeletal warriors, the sinuous creepiness of his Medusa, the water-breathing terror of a scaly Kraken... Harryhausen’s creation burned permanent impressions in my mind. And the minds of entire generations too.

Certainly, scores of video game artists and designers owe their careers to him and, indeed, franchises like God of War have the Harryhausen DNA coursing through the ichor-filled veins. In an age where digital creativity enables epic creations without physical effort, stop-motion animation — and the design, sculpting and movement-mimicry skills that come with it — is nearly a lost art. So, rest in peace to a true icon.


    rip ray harryhausen - releasing the kraken's upon heaven.
    loved his special effects in movies as a kid.

    The man was a pioneer of practical effects and the best practical monster animator to ever come into movies. Rest in Peace, your work will live as a testament to you for all time.

    awww man :( RIP Ray - such an amazingly talented bloke. Thank god Phil Tippett is still around to carry the torch: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/madgod/phil-tippetts-mad-god

    Claymation is my favorite kind of animation and there is something about this older style which holds up so well for its age. RIP Ray.

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