Recently Tweeted Photos Show The Venue Of The Next Xbox's Reveal

The next Xbox is having its big reveal soon, on the 21st May. Here's where it will happen. These photos were tweeted by Microsoft's Larry Hyrb (AKA Major Nelson) and Aaron Greenberg, and show the still under construction briefing space. [Thanks, VG247.]


    Having the Xbox reveal in a tent is the gaming industry's equivalent of Daft Punk launching their album in Wee Waa.

    Microsoft don't need to try hard.

    It gets better... the tent now has its own twitter account.

      "So we're unveiling our new console in a tent. Deal with it."

      *sound of tent getting fired*

      Last edited 15/05/13 2:23 pm

    I just want to post a comment on a thread that's historically cited as the moment that video games previews finally disappeared up their own cloacal sphincter.

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