I thought I might get some of you with yesterday's ScribbleTaku, but I think it was probably a little too obvious that it was an old school JRPG, which led to a few people making pot shots! Well congratulations Decoy — one of your cluster drop of guesses was correct!

So yesterday's ScribbleTaku was the first Fire Emblem. Good job mate! It was a tough one.

Good luck with today's scribble everyone! I honestly don't know if it's too easy or impossible.

(And no Shane, it is not The Dig. OR IS IT!)



      Looks that way.
      "The BBC Micro version of Elite, showing the player approaching a Coriolis space station"

      Definitely! Just one more narcotics sale and I can afford that docking computer... just got to not crash into this sp... goddammit.

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        Yeah, I bloody HATED trying to manually dock with the space stations! There was much rejoicing when I finally managed to afford that docking computer. Can't remember if I actually did that first or went the expanded cargo bay, though. I just remember how satisfying it was the first time I approached a space station, tapped the 'C' key, then just sat back and relaxed to the soothing strains of The Blue Danube while my ship docked itself, instead of sitting there in a cold sweat, holding the joystick in a vice-like death-grip, desperately trying not to fuck up the docking. Again.

        I found it a bit easier when I played the Amiga version a few years later - I think the smoother frame rate helped a bit there.

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          Oh man, docking computer for me, definitely. And I was on the Electron, so no sound there at all. Maybe a 'beep' when you docked. If you could dock at all...

      Heh. Yeah, pretty sure anyone who ever played Elite has that image seared into their memories.
      ...And their nightmares.

        Especially with the doorway vertical like that. TURN! TURN, DAMMIT! TUUUURRRRRNNNN!

          Docking computer was definitely a worthy milestone. Along with that moment that you were finally able to interrupt your warp jumps to end up in nullspace with the superaliens, and were actually able to BEAT them and steal their delicious goodies.

    THE DIG \o/

      Dude, you win every day, give it a break, let other people guess the right answer.

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    YEEEEEEEEEEAHHHHHHHHH. i win again! go me! i get more internet points! woooo!

    Oh, and this one is Biker Mice from Mars

    Dammit, one I actually knew for once! (but didn't we all play Elite?)

    So much elite - that image slowly spinning is burnt in the back of my Retina. My Dad's company made the Amiga version. I designed some of the aliens when I was a kid! Fun times.

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