Starcraft II's Marine And Hellbat Units Clash In An Epic Rap Battle

The Hellbat would win in a one-on-one battle against a single Marine in Starcraft II, but in an epic rap battle it's anybody's game. Video creator Temp0 is well-known for his hip-hop songs about Starcraft. Hopefully he'll do more rap battles in the future.

Something featuring the widow mine (those can't talk though) would make sense, since it causes so much trouble for Zerg and Protoss players.

Unit Rap Battles Of Starcraft #1: Marine Vs Hellbat [YouTube]


    Totally lost my shit when the Marine said "I bet your mum fully occupies a medivac".

    Im so lucky I wasn't consuming a beverage at the time I watched this.....

    I don't play SC anymore (never really played MP) but I must say that was really quite well done.

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