Take An Up-Close Look At The Xbox One Console And Controller

Kotaku bossman Stephen Totilo is on the ground at the Xbox reveal event and sent along two video that let you see the Xbox One controller and the console itself. It's almost like you're there!


    Wow it's massive. Alot bigger than I expected.

    For something called the "One", it's design screams of "Two-ness".

      I'm just going to compare its appearance to these Star Trek aliens. http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20060918223205/startrek/images/0/06/Let_That_Be_Your_Last_Battlefield.jpg

    God I hope it doesn't use a huge enormous power source like the last xbox. Good I hated lugging it around to friend's houses.

    So, it went from someone entering your house and going, "Oh sweet! You have a 360!" to not even noticing it because it looks like a typical cable box?

    and this is the closest i ever want to get to one of these stupid consoles, it is 100% useless to me, do much pent up rage over this
    whats with the wash board on the top?

      At the risk of provoking you, if you're getting that worked up over something you don't want to own, you might have anger management issues. :\

    I don't know if it's just the lighting or what, but that 2-tone colour scheme seems much more pronounced here than in the official photos where it looked a lot more subtle. Hopefully it's just the lighting because it looks uglier here.

      Yeah that green plastic looks horrendous. Somehow I think the production version will match the more minimal black version shown in the official photos.

    It wouldn't stop me buying one, but it's a pretty ugly beast.

    With consoles going all "slim" in recent years, its weird to see this thing so huge.
    It's bigger than my AV receiver and my HTPC. I'm not sure this would even fit on my shelf.
    And I was expecting a smaller more streamlined Kinect too.

    I reckon the console is ugly; something that screams out 'boring, corporate assimilation'. It definitely puts the 'box' into the Xbox name.

    I like the controller refinement of flattening the back part where the old battery would stick out. But it also has a Duke-ness about it, which is also a little disconcerting.

    That thing is huge.

    Maybe after the 360 RRoD fiasco they decided to fill it with fans

    This is just a PC in a big plastic Box. The said I am not a MS fan at all but this box is powerful that's for sure.

    This looks bigger than the original Xbox. I picked mine up to throw out a couple weeks ago and realised just how enormous and heavy it is compared to this gen.

    They still need to move the start and back buttons away from x,y,a,b - maybe I have big hands but its a pain when you accidently pause a game in the middle of an intense moment... Anyway shame xbox is going for the all in one entertainment unit path (they seem to have distilled everything actual gamers dislike and somehow made it worse), think ill get a ps4 or upgrade the PC now - they are looking like much better options

    And it's already started: http://i.imgur.com/5p1ZThY.jpg


      The battery packs fit flush with the back now.

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