Terraria’s 1.2 PC Update Is Coming In July, Has A Rocket Launcher

Re-Logic has uploaded a preview for the long-awaited 1.2 update for the PC version of its side-scrolling sandbox, Terraria. It has also revealed that it’s “aiming for a July release”.

The Terraria Wiki has a list of what this new update might bring (apart from the kickass rocket launcher, of course). [via PC Gamer]


  • That looks great, any excuse to play more terraria is great. Any idea what the reason for the update is though? I thought they said they were stopping at 1.1 to focus on the console port and their next game?

    • From random comments I’ve read, it looks like this is catchup for the PC as the console version has features not in the PC version and people were feeling annoyed that they weren’t going to get them because of the halt in PC development.

      • The console-only stuff was added by the guys who did the porting, and it’s not particularly significant. The video above has a lot of completely new mechanics, not like painting, dye slots, waterfalls, etc. The console version just had pets, some new items and bosses, if I recall?

        Either way, this is looking -sweet- ^_^

        • Yeah but even still could you blame pc users getting annoyed at the fact they weren’t getting content that a port of the game that they supported and helped get the game the popularity needed for a port, I remember reading that they had so many planned updates for the game when I purchased, and then about a month or 2 after, oh hey we are focusing on the console port, you aren’t going to get updates, oh but look at these features we are putting in the console version. Not a great way to keep people pleased if you ask me.

          • PC updates were stopped a long time before the console port was announced, and the PC creator was not really associated with the console port.

            However, the PC creator has said that after he was given the console version to look at his interest in working on Terraria was re-kindled, thus the new update for PC.

          • I got a little annoyed about it when the console version first got announced but I don’t really mind too much if it means getting their next game quicker. Starbound (I think that’s the name of it?) looks great from what I’ve seen

  • Redigit has recently been giving a whole heap of information about 1.2, and a couple of weeks ago, Terraria celebrated its 1000th item WOOHOO!
    I would really recommend checking out the official forum (terrariaonline.com) for more information

  • Wow, I looked on the wiki, and there is so much planned! I was only expecting a small update, with the new biome and maybe a few more items. This is something i’m looking forwards to.

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