The Internet Reacts Stupidly/Hilariously To GTAV's New Trailers


    Whats with the sea pictures, would screenies from the trailers be more acceptable?

      Acceptable to who? What's happening here is a comic technique called juxtaposition. It's where you take two things that wouldn't normally go together, and put them together. Think of old Monty Python sketches where you would often open on a serious-looking, well-dressed authority figure, who would then speak or behave in a very silly manner, thereby defying expectations and creating comedy. Or in any of those Epic/Date/Disaster Movie movies, where you have characters who are not black or gay acting as if they are in fact very stereotypically black or gay. Or the foul-mouthed old ladies you might find in Adam Sandler movies. Having a frat boy character using vulgar, sexual language isn't funny because it's what you expect. But when granny does it, it's comedy gold (in theory).

      In this case, as you can see, the humour comes from the juxtaposition of beautiful, serene images with the mad, hateful, inane rantings of idiot teenagers. Screenshots from the video may have made more sense as backdrops thematically, but it would have come at the cost of comedy.

      And now I'm sure you'll find the pictures hilarious, because nothing makes a joke funnier than having it explained to you.

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