This Avengers Black Widow Figure Has Fabulous Hair

This Avengers Black Widow Figure Has Fabulous Hair
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So, it’s time to take a look at the newest addition to my Hot Toys Movie Masterpieces collection, Black Widow.

So, first off, because the question will inevitably be asked in the comments section: Yes, I ordered and paid for this figure myself. Yes, the clothes are removable. No, the figure is not anatomically correct. And no, I do not have pictures. If you want naked pictures of a 12-inch Scarlett Johansson figure, buy one and take them yourself.

Now that that’s out of the way…

Once again, Hong Kong collectible toy company, Hot Toys, has worked overtime on the facial details of Black Widow. While the likeness is not 100%, it’s close enough to be recognisable. The extra detail in getting the skin to look real is outstanding.

An interesting feature for this figure not present in many others is the fact that the hair is real. This is both a blessing and a curse in that while the hair adds a level of reality to the figure, the hairstyle can be difficult to control and straight out of the box, is very flat and compressed and needs a lot of coaxing to look even marginally right (The instruction manual even suggests the use of hair styling products).

Mobility-wise, the figure suffers a lot less restrictiveness from its suit than other Hot Toys figures, but the smaller size of the frame means the limbs are more fragile and more care should probably be taken when setting up poses.

The suit itself looks damn cool and is a satisfyingly detailed miniaturized recreation of Black Widow’s movie costume.

Overall, I’m extremely satisfied with my purchase. While I can see the hair factor being a decision breaking point for some people, I feel it adds to the distinctiveness of the figure, and so long as one is patient, the figure can end up looking much more realistic than one with plastic hair. Black Widow looks great alongside my other Avengers figures and I look forward to completing my collection so I can set them up in the display case at my friend Randy’s comic book store someday.

Black Widow comes with interchangeable hands and taser wrist bands, two pistols, and a Chitauri rifle blade. The figure is currently being sold in the west through Sideshow Collectibles and at present is sold out (there’s a waiting list).

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