This BioShock Infinite Replica Weapon Fell Right Out Of The Sky

Last time we saw anything from Vector Sigma Creations’ Weaselhammer, he’d made a weapon from the future in the form of the M-12 Locust submachine gun from the Mass Effect games. This time, he goes back into the past and crafts a swell looking machine gun from BioShock Infinite.

The Triple R Repeater wasn’t my favourite weapon in the game but damn if it doesn’t look impressive as a real-world object. Take a look at how the final product came together over at his blog.

(Image from BioShock Wiki.)


    The question is, does it fire? did he use a 3d printer? and can you download the plans from megaupload?

    Hey Editors, how about a link to the guys website?

    Edit: Oh wait, this will fall on deaf ears as it was posted by KotakuInternational

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