This Bizarre Asari Pizza Dance Demands Music

Why would someone make a gif of a pizza Asari dancing on top of a pizza? You ask the wrong questions, my friend. The real question should be: what music would go best with this GIF?

Two picks from me. Let's start with the silly, almost too easy one: G I M M E P I Z Z A plus asari.gif. And then, since I'm a Drake fan, I had to go with Drake's "Practice".

With the power of Gifsound, I encourage everyone to accompany this GIF with a song of your choice in the comments. Have at it!

[via Obvious Winner, although the source seems to be the Kryptmotion Tumblr]


    Hmmm. The objectification of pizza. I like pizza for its taste not because of dancing pizza breasts.

    I find it hilarious, tragic and annoying all at the same time that Patricia WAXES LYRICAL about objectification, sexism, etc, then posts this.

      This. So much this.

      This is the same games site that often posts completely-non game related content and porn. I don't pretend to understand any of the authors except for Mark Serrels. Main reason I keep reading is because of his stuff.

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