Too Many People Working On This Game Were The Victims Of Bullying

There’s no gameplay in this video for The Silent Enemy, the new game being made by the creators of Papo & Yo. But, as you watch the various staffers of Minority Media face the camera or talk about their roles in the game, you realise that there’s a good reason that gameplay takes a backseat.

Papo & Yo took the life experience of Minority’s Vander Caballero — growing up with an alcoholic dad — and made it into a poignant, playable fable. Silent Enemy has similar origins, spinning out of the teasing and harassment that creative director Ernest Webb endured because he grew up as the child of white and Cree aboriginal parents. But, the simple, silent acknowledgments echoed by his co-workers make it clear that The Silent Enemy might have something to say to anyone who’s ever been bullied. Or even more importantly, it might even talk to the people doing the bullying. The game will be debuting exclusively on the Ouya console some time in the near future.


  • Hmmm, I was always small so people tried to bully me. Though All my brothers and cousins were much much larger than I so I was never intimidated by a bully’s size or demeanour. Thirdly they left out a fourth type of person, someone who would stop/prevent a bully from bullying someone. Which is what I would often do. Whether in school, at the skatepark, or out on town. So is that a game mechanic, because it seems like they’re missing a large part of “real” life.

    • Glad to hear you were in a situation were you didn’t feel intimidated by your would be attackers.

      Unfortunately for a lot of people they are either completely alone with their issue or they believe they are.

      • I hear you, which is why, where possible, I would try and intervene on behalf of the person being bullied. Mainly to try and defuse the situation, though, often when I’ve attempted this in cities it has been met with hostilities, but you can only try I guess.

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