Watch Live TV With The Xbox One

As was anticipated, the new Xbox One will function as a set-top cable box, allowing users to switch between TV and gaming video by voice command. In today's Xbox One reveal, the console was shown swapping between DVD/streaming video playback, the cable input, a video game and its internet functionalities.

A voice-activated television guide will support the feature. Xbox Guide, as it is called, allows a user to quickly navigate the guide by voice command, calling out titles of shows and channels. The guide also will keep track of a user's favourite programming and shows trending elsewhere.


    having not seen the presentation fully. can it be turned off or use some sort of keyword. because i dont know about you guys but i tend to talk about tv shows and things with friends while playing.

    "hey have you seen the latest game of thrones?....nononono bad xbox, stop, stop playing, pause, go back to game, stop doing things!"

      It's likely you'll have to say "snap" to activate those functions. Hopefully you don't call a friend Snap

        Ohh Snap!! did you see the latest Game of Thrones?

    You'd still better be able to use a remote. I guarantee you, with years of experience with the same remote and interface, I can do things faster with my fingers than I can by saying them. That isn't more convenient.

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