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Welcome to While You Were Sleeping! We round up the news and post pictures of sleeping babies. That's how we boogie round these parts.

Talk about timing. Just as the new Xbox is about to be announced, Sony release a genuine PS4 teaser video. It's almost like they want to subvert the Xbox announcement. Right guys? What is up with that!

I love old commercials. More than anything commercials are an accurate shrink-wrapped product of their time period. Check out these early 90s commercials from Japan.

Here's some utterly amazing cosplay, Konami explains why Metal Gear Rising isn't available on the 360 in Japan, and the Wii U is in a sorry state when it comes to sports games.

In Short Here Is A Real PS4 Teaser Video Konami Explains Why Metal Gear Rising Isn't On The Xbox 360 In Japan Nintendo Japan's Early 1990s VHS Commercials Are Incredible The Wii U Has Nothing To Offer A Sports Fan, Does It Even Matter Now? Samus Dreams Of Amazing Cosplay


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