Why Yes, I Do Want Another Incredible Machine

People who gamed on PCs during the ancient 90s may remember The Incredible Machine, a wonderful series in which you could construct all sorts of strange Rube Goldberg contraptions out of springs and ramps and balls.

It's back! Sort of. Contraption Maker, a spiritual successor created by some of the people behind the TIM games of old, will enter Alpha this summer for PC and Mac. And — you're not gonna believe this — they don't even have a Kickstarter.

"The team that created the original Incredible Machine is bringing all of the Rube Goldberg craziness to the modern age," they write on their website. "Solve puzzles involving ridiculous chain reactions full of hamster motors, trampolines, alligators, cats, and so much more. Then go to the powerful Maker Lab, where you can create your own contraptions. Everything you loved about the original game is back and improved with a new physics engine, high definition art, and new parts and programmability."

Very cool.



      AND MINE!!!!
      srsly, I still talk about this game today!
      Angry birds has got nothing on this, would empty my wallet for a pc or phone version without hesitation!

    Oh man, I loved The Incredible Machine so much. MY BODY IS READY!

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    Oh man, i freaking loved The Incredible Machine, it was on all of the computers at school so every time the teacher wasn't looking i would load it up.

    Does anyone know if its freeware yet?

      Awesome, i just found it on my computer, i must have downloaded it and forgot about it. The only thing that sucks is that it doesn't work well with DOSbox, it'll work fine but it slows way down when you activate your machine.

      Anyways, you can buy the original games on GOG.


    You do realise there is a crappy Disney-fied version out on the iOS app store...

      No there isn't. Just as there were never Star Wars prequels or a sequel to the Matrix.

      crappy Disney-fied version
      Speaks for itself doesn't it. And no, there isn't, it was pulled a while ago by Disney.

        Oh I downloaded it when it was out. i just never played it afterwards to realise it had been pulled..

          Yeah I looked into it for a school I work for, makes for a reasonable educational game, but sadly it no longer exists. Until now! Might have to do some 'testing'.

            You can download one of those DOS versions of the original game that run on a virtual drive off the internet for free.

    OH MA GEWD!!!
    TIM was my life when i was a wee lad, by far the best game ever

    crazy machines 2...

    pretty good similar game

    Oh god oh god oh god best gaming news in a long time.


    I'm going to make devices to kill that stupid kid.

    Now they just have to remake "Sid & Al's Incredible Toons" and my productivity will hit 0!

    I have fond memories of playing this on the computers at school. Good times!

    I only want this if I have to be connected to the net 24/7 to play it!

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