You Won't Believe How Much Work Goes Into Designing A Games Website

The design team at Basic have been working with Ubisoft lately on things like packaging, advertising and trailers. Feeling that the company's website could also "be improved upon", they put together a pitch for a complete redesign of

While it never went anywhere - and sounds boring as hell - it's actually a really interesting way of looking at how much design can (or can not) go into a video game company's presence on the internet, and at the opportunities there are to present more than just links to a store and some customer support.

The pitch can be viewed at the link below.

Ubisoft [BASIC]


    You won't believe how much work goes into a gaming website!

    You won't believe how little work goes into a Plunkett article!

    I'm pretty that anyone who has designed a website from scratch or know someone who has had to, know how much work goes into designing a website.

    reality check, most people aren't web designers. But that doesn't mean they don't find the process interesting.

    Rather than acting snarky and superior, why not appreciate being in the spotlight for a change (if youre a web designer), or gracefully allow someone else to enjoy some attention for a change (if youre not)?

    Considering its a part of marketing to sell a product and make an impression. I do believe there may not be enough going into setting up a website based around a certain product.

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