12 Minutes Of Creepy Old Man Head Tech For The PS4

We've already seen several minutes of Quantic Dream's amazing (and amusing) PS4 tech demo. Here are several more minutes! Twelve, actually.


    mabye in the future games will "star" actors like movies do

      They already do. Aside from the many voice roles provided by many famous actors, there are many who have characters built around more than their voice. Ray Liotta as Tony Vercetti, Ellen Page as Jodie Holmes, Jean Reno as Jacques Blanc, Michael Mando as Vaas (I could go on)

      I think the real question is, when will this type of acting become recognised and rewarded like films.

      A while back we saw the first CGI character receive a physical award and recently Beyond Two Souls was shown at the Tribeca film festival.
      Despite many critics considering games as lowest form of story telling, I think times are a changing. (And funny that big Hollywood critics even think like this to start with when you see the level of films coming out of the US of late)

        Yup - one I particularly enjoyed was Samuel Witwer as Starkiller (the Force Unleashed series) :-)

        Not to nitpick (And I agree with your point wholeheartedly)...
        It's Tommy. Tommy Vercetti. And don't you forget it! :P

      That's not a world I want to live in.

      When we have actors like Robert Downey Jr. asking Marvel for 50 million dollars per movie, I don't want to think of an equivalent situation with videogames. Get unknown actors to do the roles so they can graduate to Hollywood, not the other way around.

        I wouldnt call hollywood graduation so much as joining the circus

        the thing I liked about games was it was another avenue for actors who werent A-list and voice acting is a class of its own really

          Oh, be nice. Hollywood's giving us Man of Steel soon, and World War Z, and The Wolverine, and Pacific Rim!

          The point I'm trying to make is I don't really want actors associated with a game to be more important than the developers. There was the guy who played Niko Bellic years ago who wanted more money than he was given. Look at this David Hayter situation. Can you imagine if Hayter was a egotistic person and wanted a little more money from Kojima Productions? Would the fans absolutely side with Kojima in that example?

          I'm not so sure.

    That was goddamn brilliant lol. Loved it!!! Plus the fact I knew straight away that was David Gant just looking at the cgi recreation was amazing, the detail is sensational...

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    The developers of Ryse need to see this to see how lip animation is done. I had to stop that trailer as I couldn't stand the inaccuracies of it.

      It's one of those things they have to really get right or it can draw you out of a game can't it? Lip animation though not a lot of people might agree, when the characters are talking, can break a scene when its apparent they're 'just models' rather than the beings actually saying it. Cannot wait to see what Quantic put out this generation :D

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