40 Persistent (And Lucky) Fans Will Get To Go To Sony's E3 Conference

You know how Nintendo is inviting fans to go to Best Buy and try out its E3 games? Well Sony's all, "Eff that, how about you guys just come to our actual E3 press conference?"

In a new post at the PlayStation Blog, Sony has invited fans to come to the LA Memorial Sports Arena next Monday and see the big shindig in person. The catch: Only 40 people will get in.

The info, as follows:

You’re Invited: PlayStation E3 2013 Press Conference

Date: June 10th, 2013 Time: Get there no later than 4:00pm for check in. We can only admit 40 people max, and it’ll be first come, first served. Location: Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena 3939 South Figueroa Street Los Angeles, CA 90037 If you want to attend, please form a line along the parking lot next to the restrooms.

Parking: Self parking will be available for any guests who are driving their personal vehicles. Please enter Parking Lot 5 on MLK Boulevard at Hoover and when you arrive please tell the lot attendant that you are attending the Sony Press Event.

Restrictions: You must be at least 21 years old to attend. We will be checking IDs!

This is... I don't know. This could very easily devolve into a Hunger Games-type situation. Bring your bow and arrow, and make sure you line up some good sponsors!

What do you think? You gonna give it a shot? Camp out? Or maybe just kick back and follow along from the comfort of your own home?


    MS will probably get some of their guys into the line so they can heckle during Sony's conference.

    "What about TV?!?"

    "We want sports!"

    Just start typing up the press release dealing with the 'Unfortunate events of June10' now Sony.

    Line up (on the opposite side of the planet with very short notice) for hour upon hour in the hopes of being one of 40 people selected to see, live in person, all the fluff & pointless buzzword bullshit or wait till the day after when the hours of marketing doubletalk, vague statements & tedious babble will be condensed down to a screen worth of text that has the same information in a few minutes...

    Tough choice but I'll stick with Option B I think

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