Reminder: Sony's E3 Conference Is Coming Up Later Today

Both Microsoft and EA have had big showings so far, and Ubisoft's conference is just about to kick off. Remember, the first day of E3 news isn't done with yet. Sony's taking to the stage at 11am AEST to talk PlayStation 4. Will they, like Microsoft, name a price?

Maybe, maybe not. What's for sure is that there will be PS4 games on show. Some PS3 games too. And maybe even something for the Vita.

If we're really lucky, we might even get to see what the PS4 actually looks like.

Stick around, you'll be able to watch the whole thing right here on Kotaku.


    I'm excited!! Going to be refreshing my tablet all morning at work to hear all the details.

    Also rumour is we'll see a Tetsuya Nomura walk out on stage with “certain information to be announced at E3". :D

    cant wait for this, Sony and Nintendo are the main ones i want to see

    they said they're gonna show the ACTUAL ps4 CONSOLE today! I will be greatly dissappointed if they don't! :)

    So what are people wanting to see/hear/read

    -The console - Everybody wants to see the console (at least it won't look like a VCR ala Xbone or a George Foreman Grill ala the PS3)
    -Price - With the Xbone priced at $599 for Australia, I wonder what the pricing will be for here and will there be one SKU or two SKU's

      Pretty much covered everything my way, really looking forwards to the price point, seeing as its a bit more beefier than the Xbox One I just hope its not going to be in the $750+ price range, unless they show off some damn good games to make me consider forking out the extra dough.

      I'm not sure what the price will be. Michael Pachter predicted it would be less than the Xbone. I'm not sure why - they have similar specs and the eyetoy looked similar enough to the Kinnect to put in the same ballpark for manufacturing (though maybe not R&D). I think I can live with $600 assuming its the model with a decent HDD. I'm also hoping they explicitly state that online will remain free and PS+ will function much the same as it does now. And that DRM will be no different from the PS3 - publishers can whack on an online pass if they want. Mostly I want to hear what Naughty Do is up to. I'd also like to hear more about the new Killzone.

        agreed, free online has always been a big sell point to me so hopefully they don't go all microsoft on our ass

        Pretty much this. Keep the PSN the same and a lot of people will be happy and revamp the PS Store so it's more user friendly. Maybe some more concrete details about the timeframe for streaming PS3 games on the PS4, I'm expecting a bit of GT6 although I'm not really interested. Launch date would be good too for Australia and obviously price and more confirmation of launch titles. Basically moar of what we've already seen

          I came to the PS3 party late, but I now feel the PSN is a pretty good service as it is.

    I want to know what they're doing with regards to DRM. Anything else is secondary at this point. If they come up with the answer I want to hear THEN I'll start caring about pricing or release date or what games they've got to show. I don't really care what the thing looks like - it'll be a black plastic box of some description - unless it's shaped like a giant schlong or something then I don't really mind.

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