Specs Sheet Says PS4 Has 500GB Hard Drive, Camera Not Included

Specs Sheet Says PS4 Has 500GB Hard Drive, Camera Not Included

I’m not sure why this wasn’t part of Sony’s presentation yesterday. Maybe the company left it out because it simply matched Microsoft instead of under-cutting it. But, hey, the PS4 has a 500GB hard drive.

UPDATE: Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida has confirmed that, like the PS3, the PS4’s HDD will be upgradeable.

The tidbit was revealed in a media release sent out by Sony after its press conference had wound down, which also let us know that the PS4 camera would be sold separately for $US59 (surely a big reason why the PS4 was able to be $50 cheaper in Australia than the Xbox One, which includes a Kinect).

You do, however, get a mono headset and HDMI cable with every PS4 sold, the latter being always welcome with a HD system.

Specs Sheet Says PS4 Has 500GB Hard Drive, Camera Not Included

You can read the specs sheet yourself here.


    • I think i was a day -1 backer but this just confirms it all. I love sony’s exclusives too much

      • Yeah I am one of those people that feel a playstation and gaming pc covers pretty much every game I could want.
        Anything exclusive to the other two I don’t have time for and is too few to buy another machine for.

  • Includes an HDMI cable, which is the only display output option. That’ll save some space on the back.

  • One of the things that really irritated me in the PS3/360 gen is that the systems shipped with a standard AV cable rather than a HDMI cable. Good to see Sony at least have come to their senses.

    • Hasn’t the 360 been coming with an HDMI cable in the box for a while?

      And in recent years pretty much all retailers have bundled an HDMI cable with them anyway, although that obviously wasn’t the case early on.

  • why a mono headset??
    and while the hdd is upgradable, is that with ANY hdd, or special sony only hdd’s?

    • The PS3 had 1 of its cores them was turned off permanently, 3 were for processing, 3 for graphics. Another was built though. One core to rule them all.

      So yeah, PS3 really only had 6.

  • So they’ve finally done away with composite/component out. No surprise there. Makes sense really.

    • Also why only 2 USB ports? Can’t there be another 2 at the back for the USB accessories like the camera and other stuff that is going to be hinted at being permanently attached?

  • Fantastic. After reading about the fact it’s region free and that it’s not going to have any of the Microsoft style DRM, I was already sold on the PS4. But the fact it comes with an HDMI cable, USB cable, none proprietary hard drive and great specs to match the Xbone, I’m even more solid on it. Great job Sony, I hope Microsoft learns a lesson here because the 360 is my last MS console.

    I can’t see the Xbone doing very well in comparison. Sony has done a great job and it will be reflected in preorders and launch sales. Thumbs up guys!

  • Bluetooth 2.1? What’s any new device doing with anything beneath 4.0? I have a headset that I’m yet to unleash its full surround capabilities because most devices are still stuck in 2.1/3.0 territory.

  • Could have done with a few other USB ports. Gonna have to get more hubs for things like guitar hero and sing star and wireless headsets etc etc.
    What is an AUX port?
    Also anyone know if there will be full support for a mouse and keyboard? That would be awesome.

    • AUX port is for Auxiliary Cable, which is your standard headphone port. Which I’m curious to know why people are stating its the only port being used up by the camera, unless it has bluetooth connection, AUX ports don’t carry information, just power/sound, there’s got to be USB or bluetooth involved.

      Also I’m curious about surround sound systems, In the past PS3’s have used the old analog (Red/ white) ports to connect surround sound systems with multi output but a single HDMI going straight into your TV will not have this capability. Will they include some sort of adapter that branches off the HDMI or optical fibre port?

  • dose corners. looking forward to the youtube vid where an xbone is beaten to death with a ps4 lol

  • I am confused as to why the camera is not included, wasn’t the long rectangular attachment a camera that also picked up the controller motions?

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